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Zhang Xiaoming: the central curb Hong Kong Independence and resolute attitude will not allow Hong Kong Independence as the Legislative Council director of the new molecular network in the new agency members – in Hongkong on 7 November, the Central Government Liaison Office in Hongkong Zhang Xiaoming 6, said that part of the Hongkong Legislative Council members elect to behave badly in the oath of office when not long ago, has been a serious touch "one country two systems" bottom line, in violation of the constitution, the basic law and the relevant laws of Hongkong, endanger national unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty and security, the nature of serious adverse effects. According to the central government to take effective measures to combat and curb the "Hong Kong Independence" forces to grow and spread, a clear-cut position, resolute attitude, will never allow the "Hong Kong Independence" members of the legislative council. In the afternoon, Zhang Xiaoming and some NPC deputies, the national and provincial CPPCC members about 200 people meet, consider to inform you of the National People’s Congress is the basic law of the 104th interpretation of the relevant circumstances and. Zhang Xiaoming focuses on the legitimacy of the interpretation of the npc. He said, from the interpretation of the purpose of the interpretation is mainly aimed at Hong Kong Independence, through good lawfully sworn off, combat and curb the "Hong Kong Independence" activities, safeguarding national security, this is the interpretation of the basic law as unalterable principles; from the way, the NPC Standing Committee has the right to have the responsibility to actively release method from the actual needs; the interpretation of the basic law, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, the legislative council legislative chamber between the chairman and the SAR government and the Hongkong society has been controversial, and seriously affect the operation of the legislature, the interpretation of the law is necessary. He then pointed out that from the interpretation of the time, the duration of the court case and the verdict is uncertain, and the judgment will lead to administrative, legislative and court linkage, but timely release method in the National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting, to ensure to avoid more serious consequences; from the influence of interpretation, interpretation of the law is not only for the oath of storm is not entirely in the court, but in the future all the relevant public officials took the oath and special administrative legislative and judicial bodies in dealing with various problems in an oath, can provide universal, clear basis and guidance, and can play to get to the root, interest disputes, and improve the system of bottom line zoned out etc.. Zhang Xiaoming stressed that the central government has always cherished the rule of law in Hongkong. The key is that when we talk about the rule of law in Hongkong, we must not put aside the basic law. Is the basic law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the constitutional law, the legal system in Hongkong is the highest ranking law. The basic law of the Hongkong has made the overall design of the central authority under the principle of "one country, two systems" and the power to coordinate the relationship between the two countries. He pointed out that the various power and enjoy a high degree of autonomy, the Central District enjoys is two levels of power, which run parallel operation. True respect and abide by the basic law, we should not only respect the autonomy of the Hongkong special administrative region including independent judicial power, safeguard the judicial independence of Hongkong, but also respect the central authority in accordance with the law, including the power of interpretation of the basic law, the NPC Standing Committee Shifadang do the laws of Hongkong)相关的主题文章: