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Zhang Xiaochen "love 2" conference "villains" gas field full of challenge – an interview with Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Sohu Entertainment Conference Zhang Xiaochen Sohu entertainment news November 7th, Hunan TV broadcast week drama "love shuttle Millennium 2: Exchange" Moonlight launch press conference held in beijing. Wei Daxun, Janice Man, Zhang Xiaochen, Guo Xuefu and a cast of all actors. The same day, Zhang Xiaochen wore a long black coat in a white shirt, a few main gas field full of fan gang. At the scene, when asked about the role of the host, Xiao Chen said that Jiang Shikai is a very Gang, rivers and lakes. Zhang Xiaochen challenged the "villain" Gang Lord is fond of the conference, Zhang Xiaochen on behalf of the "1936" family debut, "2016" and "love the family with a rendition of over 80 years of taking a dialogue. Introduce yourself in the role of Zhang Xiaochen, "said the gang leader in the hearts of everyone, cold, romantic, these words will have a prodigal son. But in the play, there’s a girl who always warms me". His low voice, with deep facial features, more serious expression, one side of the host aura has a mob boss jokingly "". In the play, Zhang Xiaochen Jiang Shikai played with a great reputation gang lord. Although he looks as cold as ice, shot biting, the heart is a plus for sweetheart care. The same day, Zhang Xiaochen and the "Ziyi" played by Guo Xuefu interactive frequently. He generously revealed the role of the feelings of the trend, bluntly, there will be a girl always warm me, but also won the praise of each other and Xiao Chen impressed the play. The two people get along with the model has become a major aspect of the play. Zhang Xiaochen play a change from "smile" to "smile" is dedicated to the Zhang Xiaochen challenge "villains", inside play a lot of details of the control requirements are higher, the challenge for him is not small. In order to make the character show better results, usually quite straightforward, Zhang Xiaochen love to laugh, but also for the change, he said. "But when filming can not laugh. Usually I still love to laugh, so I have to laugh after the event I laugh". In the communication with the audience, "said Zhang Xiaochen during the filming, we experienced the sun, hot summer, always full of sweat". It is understood that Xiao Chen during filming coincided with the summer, he loves acting and character with affinity, hard-working attitude and activities of the crews alike.相关的主题文章: