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Yu Pinshu exquisite tea? – food Sohu and marshland side opened a new business club, a teahouse, private kitchens in a product – yu. Is located in the riverside park, driving a car can be stopped at the door of the restaurant, closing the end will give a parking card, free to stop 4 hours after dinner stroll casually in the marshland will timeout. Store layout simple low-key, comfortable with bright windows and clean tables. A door you can see the tea table, tea and beauty is here in the end into the room. There are also special room, business or personal talk about something private and quiet. We booked the rooms can accommodate about 8 people, 5 people sit quite spacious, more elegant lighting, wall paintings and more style — it does feel like what in the world ~ boss should be a taste of the people ~ on the table is also very delicate carved wooden box ~ some here specialties, but treat others, did not see the menu, so the name is not very clear, salmon Vegetable Salad, this feels good, like salmon very refreshing without dipping sauce to eat what, fresh taste with a hint of sweetness. Hot pot this season due to eat mutton, and pieces to quite positive, and carrots the 1000 is more cooking more tasty dishes, love ~ beef, green pepper and beef is collocation timeless, beef thickness is moderate, very tasty fried tomato. Fish Ball Soup, the strong push, fish delicate taste and letinous edodes delicious, the fish is kind of sweet and sour taste; in tomato are integrated into one, is really a great taste Steamed Perch, as long as the fresh fish, steamed is always the first choice, tender and not what, always love to perch chicken soup, the waiter to take pictures of me hard, specially sent, my only one, haha, happy ~ delicious chicken soup with chicken, red dates which are very ~ health lotus cake, but also their family characteristics, Yan value is very high, I generally do not eat fried things, but this or eat the staple food ~ finally brown sugar steamed sponge cake, cake is very solid, so the belly, as a staple food is very good ~ tea point is Pu’er Tea, long aftertaste, tea is. A meal to eat down more than 1 thousand, per capita of 200, it is estimated that more expensive tea. Environmental dishes are good tea, I believe there will be a lot of repeat customers相关的主题文章: