Your name won the box office in Japan for 9 billion 100 million consecutive weeks incubus

"Your name" continuous around the Japanese box office win breakthrough 9 billion 100 million "your name" from the Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dong Qi) according to the latest Japanese media reports, on the weekend is September 17th to 18, two days, the animated film "your name" for the fourth consecutive week in the box office champion, currently has a total box office breaking the 9 billion 100 million yen. Two days last weekend, the number of viewers, the box office income of 1 billion 76 million yen (equivalent to about RMB 70 million 710 thousand yuan). Although it has been released for four weeks, the Japanese audience enthusiasm for this film is still high, according to this trend, the movie box office exceeded 10 billion yen (about 660 million yuan) point the day and await for it. On the heels of "your name", also is an animated film released last week "sound form" ushered in the opener, the film released in 120 theaters across Japan, released two days attracted 200 thousand viewers, the box office reached 283 million yen (about 18 million 600 thousand yuan). This is the result of the upper works "director Yamada Naoko released in December 2011 of the girls" (the final box office of 1 billion 900 million yen to RMB 120 million yuan) 89.5%, the audience is mainly young comic original powder, the final box office should be more than 1 billion 500 million yen (about 98 million 580 thousand yuan). The third is starring Ken Watanabe, directed by Li Xiangri Yoshida Shunichi adapted from the original novel "anger", the film released in Japan in 324 theaters, the first weekend box office audience number 170 thousand, 233 million yen (about 15 million 310 thousand yuan). And also directed by Li Xiangri and Yoshida Shunichi adapted from the original, the final box office of 1 billion 980 million yen (about 130 million yuan) of the "wicked" has declined in the first weekend, "anger" is "wicked" 94.6%, the current target is the final box office of 1 billion 500 million yen. Last weekend, the new release of the film, by Spielberg’s new sci-fi blockbuster THE BFG ranked eighth. The ninth is to slip the "family dog", released thirty-ninth days at the box office exceeded 4 billion yen (about 260 million yuan) mark, the number of 19, the total audience of 3 million 323 thousand and 327 people, grossed 4 billion 60 million 11 thousand yen (about 270 million yuan). Japan last weekend (September 17th -18) at the box office before ten are: ranking last week, the weekend box office rankings, title, release the number of theaters, released weeks 1, "your name" 296 4 2, the shape of "121" sound at the beginning of the first week of 3, at the beginning of "anger" is the first week of 4, 323 two "X 338" task team second weeks 5, three April is "you lie" 294 6 five second weeks, eighth weeks and 348 new "Godzilla" 7, four "ultra high speed! Shen Qin explained 284 second week return "8, 347" THE BFG "at the beginning of the first week of 9, six" family dog "347 10 seven sixth weeks," the God of War: the right eye of the "315 second week Tencent news mobile phone client add movie channel, exchange!相关的主题文章: