Young husband and wife busy business turned around four year old daughter disappeared (video) poper

A young couple busy doing business in a four year old daughter turned and disappeared from the Public Security Bureau of Shapingba news: on November 12th, a four year old girl in the parents are busy in business without permission, it can be very anxious parents. In November 12th at 13:20 PM, police received the alarm, said in the Three Gorges Square store, his four year old daughter lost. Community police Yang Heli, contact Mr. Wang alarm and rushed to the scene on. See the police come, Mr. Wang emotional, "police comrades, I came here to do business in a few days, today because the store more careless, suddenly found her gone, I’m not familiar with the surrounding environment, the trouble you help". The police continue to appease Mr. Wang mood, and according to the relevant information provided, separately visited patrol in the vicinity of the incident, after various efforts, finally found Mr. Wang’s daughter in a toy shop in front of the door. Seeing his daughter safe and sound, Mr. Wang to lay down their hearts. After understanding, the original department Mr. Wang Department of foreigners at the beginning of November, with his wife in the vicinity opened a convenience store, Mr. Wang had just arrived, one family are not familiar with the surrounding environment. Since the weekend, the Three Gorges Square People are hurrying to and fro. convenience store business, Mr. Wang is also very good, because the home unattended, Mr. Wang will be the four year old daughter to the store. At that time, because the store a lot, Mr. Wang is busy doing business, lively daughter, while Mr. Wang did not pay attention to, went to play outside. As a result of the young, can not find the way back to the store, in the help of the police to return to their parents. After the police to understand the situation, Mr. Wang carried out safety knowledge publicity and education, Mr. Wang also on their own negligence remorse, said the future will look after his daughter, and the police repeatedly thanked. In this, the police reminded the majority of parents, while busy with work, should strengthen the safety of children’s education, improve safety awareness, fulfill the guardianship responsibility to prevent accidents. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article a good father confused child wandered all don’t know相关的主题文章: