Why is Wang Jianlin on Disney’s contempt and disdain reshacker

Why is Wang Jianlin on Disney’s contempt and disdain? Original title: one on the Disney incoherent, you can focus on the stability of Wang Jianlin?! | glacier commentary Author: Ren big source: public number Forbes China glacier think tank "2016 rich list released on October 27th, Wang Jianlin no accident, top again. Compared with the previous richest man, this name in recent years, the new richest man temperament exposed. For example, he will be at the annual meeting at the "fake monk", showing his literary accomplishment; he will produce a collection of 30 years of painting and calligraphy works to host Lu Yu, pointing out how to appreciate, and humbly shows no confidence in the work on the inscription, in order to show that he is not being mocked the nouveau riche. These moves, communicated to the public through the mass media, to create a Liu Yonghao in 80s, 90s, who used the new century Internet elite distinct flavor. However, these deliberate shaping, can still see a lot of flaws, such as he is over sixty years, untrained voice, singing today’s more than and 40 year olds known as "fake monk", is a bit too old, not the vicissitudes of life, and some also sing the wrong tone. In the collection of calligraphy and painting to show the works of Lu Yu, but also inadvertently revealed that this thing is very valuable, proud. "Wang Jianlin singing video once on the red network branches out are also included in the equal to anything, public speech in May 2016, he revealed himself to speak a word in the company, to make this a piece of Disney China to ten years of financial profit can not profit within twenty years. Why and what seems like a competitor? Lu Yu accepted an interview on August, he said: "let these people know good things…… We want to Hu cards, you call, we will cut Hu, built around me so much around the city in Chinese, I called you Hu bucheng. Why Disney, it is still lack of cultural self-confidence…… To do a few things…… Let foreigners feel, oh, this thing, the Chinese people say yes, this thing on the line, right?" You see, the original Wanda everywhere to build an amusement park, not all in order to make money, as well as to boost national confidence in the far-reaching plan. So he said, you go to Disney, and do not go to the amusement park a blessing Wanda cultural self-confidence? Wang Jianlin on Disney’s contempt and disdain, fully reflected in the morning of seven, dinner, Wang Jianlin received a mouthful to eat the leek box, answered Lu Yu’s question. Lu Yu: so did you send someone to Disney to have a look? Wang Jianlin: does it still work? Design drawings know, do not see. But a turn, Wang Jianlin put this domineering contempt and disdain forgotten. In October 18th, he went to the United States, visit The Walt Disney Company chairman Robert etam. Then, in October 26th, Wang Jianlin visited Shanghai, Disney, he said: to Shanghai, Disney, is also a study of learning." The Wang Jianlin visit Disney wrote here, I can’t help but sing: "I don’t understand it, this world.相关的主题文章: