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What Lin Biao Mao Zedong was eventually designated as "historical case no longer turn core tip: Lin Biao this first word was given to Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong with a red pencil in the" Zhizhuang believe in Marxism, but suspected Xinghuoliaoyuan "drew heavily below two thick bar, and also made a mark, said to Lin Biao not to regard it as right note:" this is a historical story, not turn."   Mao Zedong data extracted from: "happy elderly newspaper" in August 25, 2016 sixteenth edition, author: anonymous, the original title: "Lin Biao is afraid he can start a prairie fire sparks of fire," January 5, 1930, Mao Zedong Lin Biao wrote a letter to "the current situation and the measure of action asked long letter questions" for the title of the more than 7 thousand words. When Lin Biao and Mao Zedong criticized some party members of a pessimism situation measure in the letter, reveals the China revolution must take the rural areas surrounding the city, the correct path of armed seizure of power. Later, in the income of the published "Mao Zedong anthology", this long letter of the title changed to "sparks of fire can start a prairie fire.". Little is known about this important article published before and after a series of quite unusual storm. Mao Zedong Lin Biao wrote a long letter of 1930 New Year’s day, when he was the Red Army in the Red Army commander Lin Biao, to the front committee secretary Mao Zedong wrote a new year congratulatory letter. His account of the views of the future Chinese revolution in the letter, showing a rightist pessimism negative thoughts, for the agrarian revolution, the establishment of the revolutionary base in rural areas, lack of confidence. Lin Biao that the future of the revolution of despondency, in certain representative at the Red Army officers and men in. Mao Zedong decided to use the reply to Lin Biao’s letter, to clarify his views on Chinese revolution and the Red Army in the future, to correct the wrong ideas of Red Army period. In January 5, 1930, Mao Zedong in the Gutian village of Lai Fang a shop in the attic by night, a long letter to write this letter more than 7 thousand words. Mao Zedong discussed the possibility of the existence and development of the leadership of the Communist Party and the Red Army China small red areas in the letter, proposed to consolidate and expand the route and policy of the rural revolutionary base, reveals the historical process of Chinese revolution, by the small red regime, and gradually become "sparks of fire" to win the national revolution "liaoyuanzhishi". It is clear that Mao Zedong’s letter to Lin Biao, has gone beyond the meaning of the general private communication. Mao Zedong was sent to Lin Biao at the same time, also requested the Red Army Political Department issued a reply to the oil red army brigade Party branch, in order to let more and understand his thoughts and intentions. Lin Biao put forward "don’t publish the names" during the Anti Japanese War, in December 1941, Mao Zedong personally presided over the "Six Party since published secret documents", he wrote to Lin Biao’s letter also included, as an important document, senior cadres in the rectification movement for learning. During the war of liberation, Jiefang District brewing officially published a "Mao Zedong anthology" for the majority of Party members and cadres to learn. Due to the important historical position of Mao Zedong Lin Biao wrote this letter, the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department also issued a special notice, request the Jiefang District in edited and published Mao Zedong anthology, this letter must be income. Lin)相关的主题文章: