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What is the reason of Pu’er tea is called the stomach? Sohu and map: a most remarkable difference between South Ming ancient tea "Moon" beauty 2008 Pu’er tea tea and other tea, Pu’er tea is fasting drinking can. If you add an appropriate amount of honey, the stomach is better. So, this argument is based on it? What is the reason Pu’er Tea called Yangwei tea? Pu’er tea tea Yangwei principle after fermentation, the large amount of material derivative, basically belong to the small molecule, is beneficial to adsorption of the human gastrointestinal tract, small irritation. Green tea and oolong tea is different, although they contain more than tea polyphenols tea, but many of the polyphenols contained in the material is a large molecule, fasting drink, will produce a strong stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, adults and children with weak constitution are often told to drink green tea, but not to drink green tea. Traditional Chinese medicine said the green tea cold nature, I am afraid that all of the molecules involved with the. Similarly, without artificial fermentation and natural fermentation process Pu’er Tea (the new Pu’er tea picking), nor fasting drinking, and molecular weight is too big. Therefore, in addition to Pu’er Tea tea, natural fermentation and reached more than ten years of Pu’er Tea and Chen have the "stomach" effect of more than three years of Pu er ripe tea, the main reasons are related with small molecules. Tea contains pectin is much higher than other tea. It is not only good adsorption, and can bond and eliminate the bacteria in the body of toxins and other harmful substances, such as heavy metals of lead, mercury and radioactive elements, the role of detoxification; at the same time can protect the gastric mucosa, help digestion. For those suffering from gastric ulcer or gastritis, Pu’er tea pectin substances can form a thin film state attached to the stomach wound, promote ulcer healing, suitable for patients with stomach drinking. Pu’er tea contains caffeine can neutralize human gastric acid, thereby improving digestive function. Pu’er tea the effect of the stomach, the key point is that the quality of fermentation. Experimental evidence? We can do such an experiment: Green Tea, Pu’er Tea (three year tea), Pu’er Tea cream three tea samples were brewing, and then the three cup of tea into the refrigerator. The tea temperature dropped to 5 degrees above zero when removed, observe whether there changes of tea. At this time, we will find that Green Tea tea has a large number of suspended solids emulsion, the turbidity, the reasons are as follows: pectic substance reduction; followed by Pu’er Tea has suspended a small amount of emulsion, tea color is brown, dark, non transparent, the reason is also not completely fermented soybean molecular process decomposition and reduction of polymerization; the best should be Pu’er Tea paste, no naked eye visible suspended solids and impurities, the color of tea compared with just brew, slightly dark. The experiment tells us that unfermented tea contains a lot of large molecules, in the tea temperature lowered, reducing substances of chemical reaction and polymerization leads to severe haze. The mild turbidity of Pu’er tea is not enough in fermentation process, and many substances have not been fully degraded. Pu erh tea is a deep processing of Pu erh tea products, almost all small molecules, although it also exists in the reduction and polymerization相关的主题文章: