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"We have come to the" challenge the devil race sports star together to help out – Sohu   entertainment; sports star Bao Chunlai Sohu entertainment news Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "to" we will be in Yunnan, Tengchong continued to play exciting content. In the eighth phase of the program, all the guests to win public fund stage task, will come to Tengchong, and the students to complete the race, two sport star Yang Wei Bao Chunlai, the strength of strong support to start a fierce pressure relay plate. All the guests were "not ridicule Wang Han pain of cutting one’s body" attribute all the guests surprise came in the vibrant Tengchong stadium, enthusiasm and students interact you constantly. Then all the guests to pick out two students to complete Shiatsu sheet relay, and the two sports star Yang Wei and Bao Chunlai in the "fairness" and "difficulty coefficient is high the competition way were added" we "team. All the guests in the cloth around the full "thorn" on the track trying to bite, preparing and match, joky Wang Han stood on the back board Shiatsu student said: "I regret it!" Then add up the knife: "I estimate that gross weight 120." Let students shy. After the game Wang Han again could not help with the results of the sentence dialect ridicule from the referee, the referee shy introverted with his unique accent announced results of the competition, attracted all the guests laughter, forget that brings "the pain of cutting one’s body plate". The stars show the spirit of the Olympic Games together fight champion in this program all the guests will launch a 4×100 meter relay competition in special runway — pressure plate. In the sports field in the program group set up obstacles, let a person cannot help at first glance gasped, however all guests at a glance to see this look heartache ground, still went to the game. Jiang Yiyan and the Olympic gymnastics champion Yang Wei partner finished board in the process of Shiatsu vault, veteran Yang Wei style a century ago, still looked clean, holding a baton "sou" on skip Jiang Yiyan. It was Jiang Yiyan’s turn, although compared with the gymnastics champion Yang Wei slightly slow, but still very serious, his feet came bursts of pain, try your best to finish the race. Another group of guests did not far behind, even though Bao Chunlai is not a athlete, but born with long legs or to help him at the outset dominant. Poised on his back as an arrow as students ran out, people can not help but question whether he can’t feel the foot massage board there. In such a tense and intense competition, the guests show the hard work is the best embodiment of the spirit of the Olympic games. What interesting stories happened during such a difficult "devil" relay race? The guests in the end what kind of pain and suffering? The final victory belongs to which team? More exciting, please look forward to this Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "we are coming"!相关的主题文章: