VR training for older people to avoid obstacles to fall out of creative (video) thinkpad s230u

VR training the elderly to avoid obstacles fall out of creative digital news Tencent (chares) walking ability to avoid obstacles by VR virtual reality training the elderly, so as to avoid unnecessary fall, Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a new project, they through the conventional treadmill and VR fusion, thus running exercise for prevention, wrestling and other falls of aged people. The project mainly R & D personnel Anat Mirelman said: "the elderly wrestling will lead to high morbidity and mortality, while the elderly walk in when the fall is a very common phenomenon, according to statistics, there are at least 1/3 people aged over 65 will fall each year, and that half of the elderly in causing disease in after the fall, but suffered from Parkinson’s disease and cognitive impairment in neural tissue degradation of the elderly is more dangerous." This is the creative ability of walking of virtual reality exercise in the elderly, can get effective training in the elderly without risk cases, improve the cognitive ability of security on foot, from the design, the immersive virtual reality VR can not provide the ultimate sense, can let users feel the surrounding environment, but the training effect is very good, the study found, have repeatedly encountered in fall 203 elderly people after a period of practice, the fall rate dropped to 42%. Mirelman also said: "in the virtual environment, we can jump difficulty to set obstacles according to the specific situation of the physical body of older users, and according to the real-time feedback adjustment, re set the new training program at the same time, improve the walking ability for the elderly in the game like training, avoid unnecessary wrestling, but if you still to achieve good practical results need long-term practice, I believe that this is a great help for clinical treatment, this VR is not found in what will be the impact, not good for users on the contrary, many older users in the experience are" very satisfied "with such training methods, our next step will be to improve it more efficient, and expand the scope of use, will be deployed to the elderly community gym and rehabilitation center and other places, these will soon realize." D-BOX rich VR experience, beyond imagination! Source: digitaltrends相关的主题文章: