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Victory in 2016163 recommendation: beware of the cold – Rome express Sohu Hannover 1 Dusseldorf 96 VS recommended: 10 Hannover 96 at the forefront of the season ranked second division, they must have put in chongjia, the German Cup team may not be hard disc hemisphere low water, did not reflect the Hannover 96 home court advantage, to give up his lottery. Check 10. 2 he VS Mainz recommended: 0 fvrth status is not ideal, but the defense is relatively loose, the German Cup Home Court attack, but the 0.5 data, also for the adverse trend, Mainz is expected to win in 90 minutes to resolve the fighting. The 3 Cologne VS Hoffenheim recommended: 13 Hoffenheim have started the season unbeaten, defensive ability is also very good, although the Cologne have home court advantage, but the early part of ginseng only 0.25 platter, 1 times 3 lottery choice. 4 Nuremberg VS  Shaerke 04  recommended: 3 Nuremberg currently in the second division in position, rank them suspended in midair not too much pressure, but the miners this season is undulating, but also to take into account the three combat more difficult, high and low water interval hemisphere upset, just Bo found. 5.  Dortmund   VS Berlin Herta recommended: 3 teams have played against a week before, Dortmund was only a draw against Berlin Herta, but continue to return home court, believe the Hornets won’t let upsets happen, Europe – opened 1.12, good Dortmund win clearance. 6.    VS; Bayern Munich; Augsburg recommended: 3 Bayern home court victory last week finally broke in the door, numerous opponents spell, the team’s recent state of recovery, the German Cup in Augsburg should not be a problem, the disc open 2.25 deep dish, lottery 3 single pass. 7.    VS recommended: Bologna Chievo; 3 this season, Chievo home court performance is very stable, but in recent years, in the face of Bologna also occupy a larger advantage, make unified disc disc 0.5, data is very conducive to the victory, promising to win Chievo home court. 8.  international Milan   VS  Turin   recommended: 10 Milan International League recent downturn, Atlanta has lost away last week’s Serie A 4 war greatly, the game face in Turin hoe, retreated to 0.5 for the data, continue to be negative, see inter. 9.    VS    Juventus; Sampdoria; recommended: 3 Juventus away last week against Milan, the recent strong streak was interrupted, but the old woman is the old woman, they in Serie A dominance not once a day, the team will rarely continuous cold war, the face of Sampdoria, Juventus are expected to win the home court. 10.  Pescara   VS Atlanta recommended: 31.相关的主题文章: