Trump on behalf of the far right for the chief strategist of all walks of life – Sohu news yuanjiao

Trump was appointed as chief strategy adviser on behalf of the right-wing opposition from all walks of life – Sohu news of such a far right leader will be the White House’s new chief strategist, this news caused uproar in American society from all walks of life. According to New York Times, local time 14 days of messages, the Council on American Islamic relations (Council on American-Islamic Relations) said, "this office revealed a disturbing information, that is the anti Muslim conspiracy theory and white populism at the White House to welcome." This idea was supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center (Southern Poverty Law Center), which has been traced to the study of hate groups (hate groups). The group insisted that Trump should cancel the appointment". "In his victory speech, Trump has said he will be the president for all Americans, " the organization said," you should leave bannon". The Republicans who opposed Trump warned Trump said, he will rely on this decision will suggest Bannon, then hinted that he was in the direction of the road. The famous Republican strategist Weaver (John Weaver) said, "racist, fascist right-wing extremism will enter the oval office. America needs to be vigilant."相关的主题文章: