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Zhejiang Tonglu Tong business innovation and Entrepreneurship: return to lift a new climax – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhao Yejiao Intern Li Yuanyuan) "Qiantang River to Tonglu, green mountains and rivers than painting". Only one hour away from Hangzhou, Tonglu, with "China’s most beautiful county" reputation. By practicing the "two mountains" theory, the good scenery, good air cast of the phoenix nest, attracted to the "Golden Phoenix", launched a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the first half of this year, Tonglu GDP growth of 10.1%, the main economic indicators higher than the national average of Zhejiang province." Tonglu county Party Secretary Mao Xihao said. The 14 day, the third session of the conference and the second outstanding business Tong Tong’s recognition of the General Assembly held in Tonglu County, this is the Tonglu County home build the horn sounded again, from all corners of the country more than 530 Tong business representatives gathered to seek innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, Tonglu County adhere to the development concept of green, low-carbon and efficient, not only the traditional pen, knitting, auto parts, medical endoscope and other characteristics of industrial development was remarkable, under the background of new era, the county will combine industry characteristics and creative culture, such as electronic commerce, became a leader in Chinese county electricity supplier industry. In addition, the development of Tonglu express industry is in the ascendant. It is reported that the "three up" (tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme) as the representative of the "Tonglu express", propped up half of the country China private express delivery enterprises. As of 2015, the "Tonglu Gang" has set up three investment in their hometowns flower printing, printing, through Yuantong home and other 16 enterprises and projects, a total investment of 2 billion 500 million yuan, last year, only the logistics industry return tax reached 300 million yuan. "No matter where we are, our home is in Tonglu, no matter how far we go, it is in Tonglu." China Express Limited by Share Ltd chairman Lai Meisong said that the company has done so big, can not forget the starting point of departure. He said, return, is a responsibility and feelings. Based on this, during the Tong business conference, Zhejiang Huatong Group, in the New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd., STO Ltd. and other 25 companies were signed with Tonglu County along the Yangtze River in the Fuchun River province agriculture leisure complex, new energy vehicle production logistics base project, STO Logistics Research Institute and other more complex projects, involving funds of nearly 7 billion 500 million yuan. Behind the brilliant achievements of fertile soil policy. Over the years, the space of Tonglu County Economic Development Zone, relying on the existing business district development at the same time, the establishment of Tong Park Headquarters business investment platform and industrial development platform, guide enterprises to return the development of agglomeration; integration of resources, build competitive policy depressions, formulated specifically for Tong Business Return Policy, establish a sound long-term mechanism of service Tong taking the. This year, Tonglu again, the preparation and implementation of the "Tonglu county economic information application development plan in 13th Five-Year," wisdom "Tonglu advanced manufacturing three year action plan (2016-2018)" policy, the county economy has laid a solid foundation. It is reported that the conference also named the general manager of Hangzhou Hikvision Electronics Co., Ltd. Gu Lintong, Hangzhou KINGE Medical Equipment Co. Ltd)相关的主题文章: