Three new board lunch review 648 stocks traded 4 shares rose over 100% sweets parade

Three new board lunch review: 648 stocks traded 4 shares rose over 100% in network news (reporter Xu Weiping) recently three new board trading activity dropped significantly, in early trading today, the new board has 648 stocks traded, 15 stock turnover exceeded ten million yuan. Stock shocks have expanded, 4 stocks rose more than 100%. According to Wind statistics, the normal trading of three new board stocks reached 648 in early trading, the turnover of the stock of 15 exceeded ten million yuan. Turnover Darrell information management occupies the first place, reached 49 million 806 thousand yuan. Section shield technology followed, turnover reached 48 million 75 thousand and 400 yuan, ranked in the top third in the pharmaceutical industry turnover reached $30 million 634 thousand and 700. The turnover in the forest, green environmental protection and Changxin agricultural loans is relatively small, were 1 thousand yuan, 1 thousand yuan and 900 yuan. From the market performance of the new three board stocks, the amount of technology, the source of the tea and the Swiss sea days before the rise, rose 883.36%, respectively, and 203.95%. In contrast, geek shares, Tai Chi and opes Bay assets decreases, down 77.34%, 74.36% and 73.12% respectively.相关的主题文章: