This recipe for the baby heat, stop bleeding gums, but also anti allergy! Sohu –

This recipe for the baby heat, stop bleeding gums, but also anti allergy! Sohu baby now, really cold rarely, mostly anemopyretic cold. Features: throat swelling and pain, hoarseness, mouth parched and tongue scorched less saliva, sputum, cough, phlegm, urine red etc.. Today bee dad kitchen to recommend recipe is: loofah Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup, for more than 1 years old baby food. The nutritional value and efficacy of Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup: loofah loofah ingredients with phlegm, moistening effect on cough and phlegm, phlegm heat cough, the most suitable, this is because the loofah plant mucilage, contains a saponin, with the exception of phlegm, phlegm effect. Any wind heat cough, sputum of patients often spit, loofah soup, beneficial phlegm, open chest and diaphragm fast effect. Not only that, Luffa extract obvious prevention action for Japanese encephalitis virus in tissue culture fluid, loofah also extracted to an anti allergic substance Bryonia alkyd, it has very strong antiviral, anti allergic effect. Ingredients tomatoes is a natural source of vitamin C, eat 1-2 a day, can enhance the flexibility of blood vessels to stop bleeding gums, high blood pressure, heart disease patients are very good. At the same time, tomatoes in lycopene with jianweixiaoshi. This recipe has the heat, reducing phlegm, cough phlegm, phlegm heat cough is the most suitable for the baby. Need to prepare ingredients: flour, gourd, egg, tomato, onion, sesame oil, salt and oil production following the start of Luffa Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup: first step, ready to work [1] the tomatoes with a knife, cut a cross shaped knife, placed in boiling water for 1 minutes, remove and cool water, cool. Peeled, cut into small, spare; [2] onion cut into the end of standby; [3] peeled, cut into small, water soaked, to avoid discoloration, standby; [4] egg into the bowl, add trace salt, stir, spare; [5] flour in a bowl, add water. Flour and water ratio of 1:1, whisk, dough made of batter, if have to squeeze. The second step, [1] in the wok refueling, high heat, add diced green onion until fragrant, add the tomatoes, add appropriate amount of salt, with a spoon, stir fry into continuous rolling, tomato sauce, and then put into the gourd grain, slightly stir fry, add water, food and water ratio of 1:3, the fire boil. [2] after boiling into the fire, pour the mixture into a colander, drops into the pot, etc. are all the paste pot, boil the fire, can put the egg liquid and slowly pour into, one-sided, while stirring, egg solidified, remove from heat, pour a few drops of sesame oil, loofah Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup do. Luffa Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup, Sheng into the bowl to taste, sour and sweet, chewy small pimple slippery, and pure gourd, a bowl of cold day, which was also heat, warm, very comfortable oh O (a _ U) O~相关的主题文章: