They turned off the company, go to the countryside pottery chopping manual, Hermitage Garden Tourism bree daniels

They turned off the company, go to the countryside pottery chopping manual, Hermitage Garden – Sohu travel time, to a few years, they said: every day in the morning, the birds when the joy of the yard, eat breakfast. Stroll around the garden, dig the eggs in the nest. The afternoon sun shines into the courtyard, see the garden what cooked food will pick back, a fire, a kitchen is fragrant. When the moon climbs to the top of the head, like a big disc hanging in the night. In the yard, slowly, slowly walk, and walk back with yellow monkey. Two laps and three laps…… Walk back to the workbench to continue their work. This is sweet and Huang in Beijing suburb town next day daily. Sweet, the university read broadcast host professional, after graduation and did not follow the established model to be a moderator. Childhood living in Rural Huang, turned out to be an advertising company boss, had to go to Jingdezhen when they were placed in the nook, burning works covered with thick dust attracted chai. Since then, the idea of moving to the countryside as a craftsman has been planted in the heart, with the city’s life and work more and more handy, the idea is more and more intense. In the city the advertising industry veteran of more than 20 years later, Huang and sweet decided to choose a more simple rural life, his hobby has become a way of life. To this end, they have repeatedly moved to Jingdezhen to study ceramics, but also in the suburbs of Beijing to find suitable for pottery courtyard. In 2012, two people in Beijing, Shunyi found the area of about 2000 square yard. At that time, the yard is very old, overgrown with weeds, two people every day in the yard cleaning and finishing, build houses. The yard is only ten years, what a behidn, but sweet and Huang still at sell the Beijing restaurant, the end of the advertising company business, in accordance with the requirements and adhere to their own inner heart, transformation of the outskirts of Beijing yard. Most of the projects are their own stone brick built, every detail is the couple personally to control, so the reconstruction work for more than a year, no income, keep on savings, live simple and hard. Sweet smile, said, we feel that even in a place to live only one day, but also try to put it to get some beauty, live comfortably. The heart of the environment, the environment will be nourished, and ten years is not short, we expect to be able to live for five or six years is very satisfied. " an ideal small courtyard to lead their own happy days open the fan from the countryside to the Amoy old wooden doors, brick paved along the path until go inside, it is both full of flowers and sweet Huang "simple work shed" = small yard, grape lying in summer in the yard of a few of the stars up bright afternoon, the sun and the plant gave courtyard shady beauty up the furnishings of his house is two people over the years in a variety of good things of the world to wash up sweet said that during that time " family and friends always ask me two days later, there is no thought to how to go相关的主题文章: