The Xinhua editorial shot out the Korean Peninsula harm than good polartec

The Xinhua editorial: North Korea shot the peninsula chaos harm than good Beijing 7 February, Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua International Commentary): on the peninsula chaos harm than good Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhengyu on the morning of 7, the North Korean rocket conducted satellite launch. This is not in violation of restrictions on North Korea using ballistic missile technology to launch any UN Security Council resolution in early January, North Korea is following the nuclear test, in violation of Security Council resolutions second times in a month’s time, the impact of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, the peninsula tensions further deterioration. North Korea earlier this month announced its launch plans, causing serious concern of the international community. Russia called on North Korea to realistically assess the consequences of this short-sighted act, which the United States calls North Korea another "irresponsible provocation"". The Chinese side expressed its hope that North Korea will exercise restraint on the issue of launching satellites, and act prudently and refrain from taking actions that may further lead to further escalation of the situation on the peninsula. Despite the UN Security Council resolutions and the international community’s opposition to the launch of the satellite, North Korea will have many negative impacts. The denuclearization of the Korean peninsula because of North Korea’s fourth nuclear test in the setbacks, including Chinese, relevant countries to promote peace talks, to actively promote the resumption of six party talks on the occasion, the North Star makes the situation more complex, will have a negative impact on the resumption of six party talks. The situation on the Korean Peninsula may fall into a negative cycle. North Korea launched the satellite in the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries to promote the United Nations Security Council to increase sanctions against the DPRK, the United States will launch unilateral sanctions against the DPRK, the United States, Japan and South Korea recently increased military pressure on the DPRK under the background. The confrontation between the two sides, escalating confrontation, so that the peninsula situation is likely to fall into the confrontation – pressure – further confrontation in the negative cycle, the risk of friction and conflict broke out suddenly rise, and even by the chaos of war. Facing the complex and sensitive situation, the most urgent task at present is that the parties concerned, from the maintenance of the overall situation of peace and stability of the peninsula, calmly respond to the situation, prevent the situation from deteriorating or even out of control, and jointly bring the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue back to the track of negotiations. The peninsula cannot be nuclear, nor can it be born, war and chaos. To realize denuclearization of the peninsula, maintain peace and stability on the peninsula, and solve the problem through dialogue and consultation are in line with the common interests of the countries in Northeast asia. The parties should consider how to play a constructive role in resuming negotiations, and the DPRK and the United States should make wise political decisions as the most critical two party of the Korean nuclear issue. (Editor) editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

新华社评朝鲜射弹:半岛生乱百害无益   新华社北京2月7日电(新华国际时评)快评:半岛生乱百害无益   新华社记者李拯宇   7日上午,朝鲜利用运载火箭进行了卫星发射。这违反了联合国安理会决议中有关朝鲜不使用弹道导弹技术进行任何发射的限制,也是朝鲜继1月上旬进行核试验后,在一个多月的时间里第二次违反安理会决议,冲击国际核不扩散体系,使半岛紧张局势进一步恶化。   朝鲜本月初宣布其发射计划后,引起国际社会严重关切。俄罗斯呼吁朝鲜实事求是地评估这种短视行为将造成的后果,美国称朝鲜发射为“又一次不负责任的挑衅”。中方表示,希望朝鲜在发射卫星问题上保持克制,慎重行事,不要采取可能导致半岛局势进一步紧张升级的行动。   朝鲜不顾联合国安理会决议和国际社会的反对发射卫星,将产生诸多负面影响。朝鲜半岛无核化进程由于朝鲜第四次核试验受到挫折,在包括中国在内的有关国家劝和促谈,积极推动恢复朝核问题六方会谈之际,朝鲜射星使形势更加复杂,将对重启朝核问题六方会谈产生消极影响。   朝鲜半岛局势可能陷入负面循环。朝鲜发射卫星,是在美日韩等国推动在联合国安理会加大对朝制裁力度、美国声称将推出对朝单边制裁措施、美日韩最近加大对朝军事压力的背景下进行的。双方针锋相对、不断升级的对抗,让半岛局势很可能陷入对抗—施压—进一步对抗的负面循环之中,各种摩擦和冲突爆发的危险性陡然上升,甚至由乱生战。   面对复杂敏感的局势,当前最紧迫的任务,是有关各方从维护半岛和平稳定大局出发,冷静应对,防止局势不断恶化甚至失控,共同把朝鲜半岛核问题重新拉回谈判的轨道。   半岛不能有核,也不能生战生乱。实现半岛无核化、维护半岛和平稳定、通过对话协商解决问题,符合东北亚各国的共同利益。各方应思考如何能为恢复谈判发挥建设性作用,朝鲜和美国作为朝核问题最为关键的两方,应做出明智的政治决断。(完) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: