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The shopkeeper to buy coins was more open metal column (Figure) – the shopkeeper caught Beijing fake coins and real coins in the packing almost no difference. Trick 1: stealing coins column — the monkey coins out, replaced by metal columns of equal weight; trick 2: steal sheep for monkey — will higher value coins out for sheep, monkey coin. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Ying Qin Song, a middle-aged man breath out of three thousand commemorative coins to buy more than and 10 bags of coins, open a look inside was a metal column, dumbfounded Mr. Lin in the collectibles market for many years. Since June this year, he found a number of commemorative coins to buy a problem: monkey commemorative coins in addition to the two ends of the real currency, the middle into a metal column. Recently, a monkey coin dealer in delivery to Mr. Lin, was on the spot and seized and turned over to the police station to see through. Mr. Lin is the owner of a coin shop in Yuexiu District. October 13th at about 1 in the afternoon, a middle-aged man carrying a red bag appeared in front of the counter, claiming that he had a box of monkeys in 2016 to sell the new year’s money in the year of 15. 2016 year old monkey coins in the market, also known as monkey coins, is the people’s Bank of China issued a commemorative coin at the beginning of this year, the total value of 10 yuan. Because it is the second round of the year of the monkey Zodiac coins, Tibet are also called the "two monkeys". There is no unpacking of coins every one can cost up to 15 yuan, the man is demanding a trade unopened original commemorative coins. "The original packaging of commemorative coins is mint boxes, with the people’s Bank of China seals." Mr. Lin said that under normal circumstances, the store at the time of the transaction will not open the box verification, but judge by experience and false coin. "At first I did not care too much, just check the box above and the seal is not complete, after confirmation of payment to." In accordance with the number of 1 boxes of 200 commemorative coins, the two monkeys in the year of the new year, the total value of $45 thousand. The owner of the younger brother found clues: magnet down the location of the payment is not at the same time, just returned to the store, Mr. Lin’s brother intends to re inspection. Relevant data show that in 2016 the year of monkey coin is made of composite copper, with weak magnetism the magnet can feel a little adsorption force. Mr. Lin brother the packing box is erected by the narrow face of a rectangular magnet by sliding down the box, according to past experience, the magnet slide down may remain undisturbed, neither from the box, will not turn over. But what happened a scene that Mr. Lin and his brother — fell after be startled at the magnet, even turning it, its wide firmly grip packing box. Has paid 15 thousand yuan in cash to suspend the transaction Lin, proposed to open the packaging inspection. Just as Mr. Lin opened the box, ready to remove the inside of the kraft paper, the man said. "He said he didn’t want to sell it. He had to take these 15 boxes." Lin introduced, the man was trying to slip away, but his brother has been blocked in the side, there is no opportunity to escape the man. After the kraft paper.相关的主题文章: