The new semester, how to make yourself the focus of the dormitory brock lesnar

The new semester, how to make yourself the focus of the dormitory? Tencent digital hearing (Wang Yang) in a flash, but also to the new year’s school season. Whether you are just entering the University, or PubMed reading Bo, are destined to open a new chapter in life. The campus life is supposed to be wonderful and fulfilling, but most people are experiencing the classroom, canteen, dormitory 3.1-line boring life. How can you make yourself stand out? It really takes some care. Of course, it is not difficult to become a focus, for example, you can do this: you can also choose to do so of course, of course, I do not want to discuss with you how to become the above. You may need a shopping list during the week of school, and they will definitely help you find a "grace" inspiration. Happy to learn English? You can try it into the campus, see the students laughing for a new mobile phone, whether you are unwilling to? Why do they still use a few years ago, a small screen phone? If you have the idea, it’s time for a flagship phone. Samsung Galaxy Note7, which combines Samsung S7 edge and Note5 blood flagship machine brings a full screen design technology, as well as closer to the real writing experience of the pen. S Pen electromagnetic pen now supports the sliding screen translation function, gently eject S exhaled Pen handwritten menu and click translation icon, any content you see on the screen can be annotated by sliding screen mode, after learning English depends on it. High grade smart Notepad to mention a manual Notepad students will not be unfamiliar, but if you have been looking for a more stylish that, Moleskine worth a try. As the most representative of the European artists and intellectuals of the legendary paper in twentieth Century, Moleskine, whether it is the cover design or paper texture are unmatched, suitable for use in various occasions. This is not finished, if the notebook with smart labels will be? After Moleskine launched a cooperation and Evernote notebook, including Evernote premium account and smart stickers, use Evernote notebook camera scanning software content can be classified according to the stickers, after scanning the text to search in the software. The combination of modern digital life and retro classic seems to be so simple. Noble and elegant retro pen introduced the Moleskine, feeling less what and its partner. That’s right. It’s a pen full of identity. No matter which is at the corner of the campus, with such a selection of elegant pen, will be fresh and refined. Fountain pen brand, according to the pen in the Bible, MontBlanc, PELIKAN, Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman is the five most famous brands. Which comes from Germany, PELIKAN is a relatively distinctive personality. The PELIKAN LOGO is always pelicans, so it is also known as the bird pen. M805 is a series of PELIKAN high attention, it provides a variety of pen types, have such a pen can be customized according to their own needs and the appropriate degree of self-evident elegant nib. Multi function!相关的主题文章: