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Network political rumors stop in the transparent, stop in the wise man – Society – People’s Network Abstract political coverage of the wide spread of the Internet, the speed of transmission, there is no underestimate the social destructive force. The rumor stops in the public, stops in transparent, stops at the wise man. A considerable number of people should be allowed to engage in more public affairs through the Internet and new media platforms, to participate in political life in a more orderly and rational manner, and to maintain social stability and national security. Rumor is the lack of clear and reliable factual information, which is deliberately fabricated, distributed, and spread widely among the people by the rumor maker. Internet Political rumors are spread through the Internet media and other new media channels, in the absence of factual basis or the spread of a serious distortion of the situation, with political attacks and endanger the social political rumors. The prevalence of Internet Political rumors reflects the public’s political attitude. It is not only the political expression of public sentiment, but also reflects the understanding of the public and on certain types of major political events or political figures and cognitive interpretation, more implicit public consistent psychological tendency to judge and evaluate the intention of social and political phenomena, political events and some political figures. This kind of evaluation intention is a kind of potential political participation behavior. When conditions, this implies a common psychological evaluation of the political rumors, it is possible to rapidly translate into public participation in political action, such as problems caused by land acquisition, petitions and other large-scale mass incidents. The network politics rumor often contains the expression of panic, anger emotion information network rumor is a kind of non rational expression of public attitudes, which played a major role in the formation of attitudes and emotional factors in the process of transition. The prevailing political rumors on the Internet often contain a wealth of emotional information. As a result, we can classify the political rumors from the Internet and the emerging media technology platform from the perspective of emotional categories. One is to express the panic of the network political rumors. When the social political unrest and violent terror, clashes between police and threats to property security body, public person, the public will instinctively rises panic, if the media information fuzzy uncertainty, public panic and even more intense product can not be digested, they easily lead to rumors. For such rumors, rumor way or reduce the importance of the event, or fuzzy information transparency, which requires the government to timely release of authoritative information. The two is to vent the anger of online political rumors. When important events related to sensitive issues (such as official personnel changes, corruption, mass incidents, etc.), it is easy to produce such rumors. Catharsis rumors tend to be a weapon against the weak. At this point, the focus of public attention is no longer the event itself, but the moral right and wrong and thus aroused emotional resonance. The main power of the development of this kind of rumor is emotional mobilization. There is no direct link between the spread of rumors and personal interests. In general, involving public safety panic rumors, involving the vital interests of each person, more likely to be spread, it may also be settled under the full discussion of the public platform. Has nothing to do with the public outpouring of rumors, because the public is not willing to make rational communication and exchange, the discussion more extreme, are likely to push rumors toward negative public expected direction. Cyber Politics相关的主题文章: