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The largest hacking software checked: seized 7 million 30 thousand mobile phone black – Sohu technology source: Beijing Youth Daily, you have seen about 7000000 phone cards together is what scene? From August 2015 to the end of April this year, the police cracked the case of illegal acquisition of computer information system data project, the cumulative 7 million 30 thousand mobile phone seized black card, which in a crime dens scene seized about 200000 phone cards. 2015 on April, one after another report to the public in Shaoxing, said his third party payment platform account theft. In the beginning of August, only the Shaoxing Municipal Public Security Bureau in the process of combating hacking crime was arrested 253 suspects, destroyed the "love" platform for production of black platform 3, destroyed the largest hacking software, seized all kinds of illegal software sweep, a total of 19 series of 326 models. At the same time the crime is up to more than 3 thousand of the Shaoxing Public Security Bureau network investigation battalion Shen Yong introduced since April last year received the report, the public security organs through the series of cases and found that the same period reached more than 3000. The suspect in the theft of account funds, by creating multiple small orders to buy virtual goods, and then sell cheap virtual goods number, order to cash stolen goods. Criminal gang anti detection ability is strong, the crime is generally selected in the middle of the night or early morning, to prevent the victim perception." Also use a proxy IP login accounts to conceal the whereabouts of the victim, "showed very familiar with the third party payment platform in the process of the business process of the implementation of the theft, will choose to create multiple small orders approach to the diversion of funds." Later, after combing the public security organs, the basic determination of the case is a gang of people by Henan charity. In August 14, 2015, the Shaoxing Bureau and the high-tech branch according to the preliminary work, set up a "8· 14" illegal access to computer information system data project group, Alibaba to assist security department. Seized the largest hacking software to further clarify the criminal gangs in a bar in Henan County, police went to the cafe undercover. Shaoxing Public Security Bureau Branch of Criminal Investigation Brigade police Huang Zhenke said: "every day in the cafe with a computer to play this way, took the opportunity to carry out the investigation, undercover for more than a week, when all the suspects are gathered in Internet cafes, arrested them." According to the suspects confessed that their access to the third party payment platform source account information, all bought from "home". It is reported that the production of black chain consists of five aspects, including data, software, scan, theft, stolen goods. Along the trail, the police arrested the suspect selling numbers – a 16 year old rural man. Through the use of various types of scanning software to obtain account number, password, and then sold to the downstream links. In the process of handling cases, the police found a public hanging selling information "love" platform, also found hacking software "the country’s largest forest cloud software. "Lin Yun" software integrates a number of scan software developed by more than 30, open for free download on the Internet, monthly sales profit authorization code, within half a year.相关的主题文章: