The Hornets and rockets have been discussing trading Howard 1 first round sign is not enough winpm

The Hornets and rockets have been discussing trading Howard 1 first round sign is not Howard leave the countdown? Sina sports Beijing time on February 17th, according to ESPN reports, Sherlock Hornets is one of the league’s intention to get the Rockets center Dwight Howard team, and the two sides have already discussed the deal. According to ESPN, since the Rockets started peddling Howard last week, they’ve had a tentative discussion with the hornets. But an insider was more pessimistic about whether the two sides could reach an agreement. It is learnt that the Rockets hope to win at least 1 first round picks in the deal. This season, Howard’s salary comes to $22 million 300 thousand, and this summer he expects to jump out of the contract and test the free agent market. Hornets coach Steve – Kerrey Ford had worked as a magic tutor during the work with Howard, and he was very willing to teach Howard. In addition, the Hornets’ bench guard Jeremy Lin [micro-blog] has worked with the Rockets teammate Howard. Howard, 30, was regarded as the first center of NBA, the 8 All-Star, and the 3 best defensive player. In the summer of 2013, he joined the Rockets as a free agent. He averaged 14.6 points and 12 rebounds this season. (Rosen)

黄蜂已和火箭讨论交易霍华德 1个首轮签还不够 霍华德离队倒计时?   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月17日,据ESPN报道,夏洛特黄蜂队是联盟里有意通过交易得到火箭队中锋德怀特-霍华德的球队之一,而且双方已经就这笔交易进行了讨论。   据ESPN得到的消息,自从火箭队在上周开始兜售霍华德之后,他们和黄蜂已经进行过试探性的讨论。但是一位知情人士对于双方是否能达成一致表现得比较悲观。   据悉,火箭队在这笔交易中希望获得至少1个未来的首轮选秀权。本赛季,霍华德的薪水达到2230万美元,今年夏天,他预计将跳出合同并试水自由球员市场。   黄蜂队主帅斯蒂夫-克里福德曾在担任魔术队助教期间与霍华德有过共事,而且他非常愿意执教霍华德。此外,黄蜂队的替补控卫林书豪[微博]曾在火箭队与霍华德做过队友。   30岁的霍华德曾被视为NBA第一中锋,8次入选全明星,3次成为最佳防守球员。2013年夏天,他以自由球员的身份加盟火箭队。本赛季,他场均得到14.6分和12个篮板。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: