The H Hotel events involved in prostitution man was jailed for 2 years k9084

The H Hotel events involved in prostitution jailed for 2 years for men and women’s original title: Yi hotel attack continued: the man for introducing prostitution jailed for 2 years monitoring screen monitor screen and cheek hotel. Data figure Beijing News News (reporter Liu Yang) this afternoon, the Chaoyang Court of "Yi and hotel woman attack someone’s man Lee open verdict. Because Lee in the hotel to drag the strange woman pull in prostitution was charged. After the trial, the court held that Lee introduced prostitution, sentenced him to 2 years in prison, a fine of $5000. In April 3rd this year, the field to Beijing female tourists "curved" encounter strange man in drag and lift in Chaoyang District Yi Hotel, she will live video on the network caused a stir. After investigation, drag the "curved" man in the H Hotel hair trick prostitute small ads, the prostitution of women in prostitution, the charge commission from piaozi. Because prostitutes no hotel room card, take the elevator to get other guest room card upstairs, and the "curved" in the elevator did not find the room card, let Lee felt "curved" is to grab the business with him the prostitution of women, they were dragging. The event on the Internet after fermentation, led police to detect Lee introduced prostitution crimes. Chaoyang prosecution alleged that the 25 year old Lee unemployed, junior high school culture. March 1, 2016, March 9th, in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao 798 and Yi Hotel, Lee has to 600 yuan, 700 yuan price prostitute introduced Hubei Moumou (female, 28 years old, handled separately) for prostitution in the hotel room to Mr. Kim, Mr. liu. The case involving the privacy of the parties is not a public hearing, Lee pleaded guilty in court. Today at 2 pm, the court on the case open verdict, sentenced Lee to 2 years imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan. After the verdict, the court on the hotel management problems in the case, to the H Hotel and home group sent judicial suggestions.   Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: