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The electric cooker version Rice with Stewed Pork strength, foreign Sohu – save lazy party and "small kitchen serving" is Huang Xiaochu WeChat public platform (huangxiaochu921) is a popular column, since the beginning, has received many cooks exclusive secret recipe, beautiful and delicious. Let’s listen for kitchen FM Huang Lei teacher ramble about everyday life, teach cooking tips, but also to share their favorite dishes, numerous small kitchen pooling forced a "Chef". This issue we serve, Black eyes, to share a delicacy, quickly learning ~ day kitchen — small kitchen has something to say — every time you eat Rice with Stewed Pork outside the restaurant I feel too little meat and too much fat. One day a friend asked me to give him do I want to do this, cooking meat but also good trouble, my mind is such a thought, with a rice cooker to do Rice with Stewed Pork, this would solve the trouble to cooking did not expect to do simple, it is very good yo ~ – – – halogen cooker pilaff materials — 500g teaspoon of soy sauce soy sauce pork 20g five tablespoons of sugar powder 5g onion egg amount of rapeseed oil of zanthoxylum oil 5g vegetables a step — pork cut into appropriate size block. Add 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 3 tablespoons soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of cooking wine, preserved frozen overnight. At the same time, cook the rice well. The pot into the amount of rapeseed oil, such as oil Shutang after joining the small fire slowly fried onion, stir fry until golden dry pot. Use the pot of oil to fry the pork oil. Adding an appropriate amount of water (water not too dry, pour pork) before fried onion, add the remaining ingredients. A good mix of braised pork into the rice cooker. Select cooking function, set to 1 hours. Boiled egg. After the egg cooked to shell, such as cooking function after adding braised pork. Continue to select the cooking function, set the time for hours. After cooking can be a pot! Before pouring the cooked Steamed Rice, hot water vegetables into a Steamed Rice, it began to be accomplished!相关的主题文章: