The dog N2 into the public to raise the championship two weeks harvest nearly $3 million 500 thousan chompoo araya

The dog N2 into the public to raise the championship two weeks harvest nearly $3 million 500 thousand in Hangzhou to take the initiative to drive the company’s research and development of active safety driving warning system, the dog N2, in August 23rd to raise the public on the line. Open to raise 10 minutes that exceeded million, the number is constantly refreshed, to September 9th at 3 p.m., has reached $3497666. In August 30th, the congregation made geek horizon reports, the dog N2 ranking in "smart travel products in second. The dog N2 is on August 23rd to raise all the chips on the line, it got 2 million 300 thousand of the total capital inflows in the past 5 days, from the first Tencent eye only a gap of $30 thousand yuan. By September 9th, the congregation raised the amount of the dog N2 amounted to 3497666 yuan, has been far more than Tencent God eye of $2 million 330 thousand, known as the total amount of intelligent online travel to raise public champion. August 30th, the dog N2 raise the amount of money has become intelligent travel class second. So users buy it, partly because the dog N2 excellent product performance, on the other hand, due to the hard drive company launched the world’s first ADAS+UBI overall solution "risk reduction treasure". Where to buy ADAS products to drive "the dog N2" non operating bus users will enjoy the "three security risk reduction treasure" (provided by the dog N2 hardware + two other value-added services): (1) the first is the dog N2 device, it can real-time monitoring of vehicle driving conditions, in case lane departure, too close to dangerous situations with the car, timely warning. Public data show that the first 2.7 seconds before the accident early warning can reduce accidents by 79%. The test results of the dog’s generation of products also proved this point. In October last year, the dog generation equipment in Jiande 200 logistics vehicles on trial, so far zero accident, and the previous year, the accident rate of 200 cars is about 91.8% (every $one hundred premium for compensation). (2) installed the dog N2, in case of an accident, according to the accident liability, the insurance company where the user’s insurance company paid more than $1000 and above, a good car will give the user a fixed compensation of 800 yuan. Single user up to once. (3) the dog N2 rear data platform, can be given according to the driver’s driving habits. If a year after installation the dog N2 average driving behavior score above 85 points, a good drive in user renewal, based on the insurance company on the lowest price (to the insurance company the insurance policy premiums ultimately prevail) to give the user to commercial insurance premiums 10% reward. (the dog N2 user assembly in less than 1 years need renewal, according to the driving behavior during the dog N2 using the average score to determine the discount, but the dog N2 time not less than 6 months). The congregation is still in progress, you can raise a newspaper to find the home page, the dog N2 into the congregation to raise the page.相关的主题文章: