The bus was hijacked by a knife driver I help you but let the passengers get off first – Sohu news

The bus was armed with a knife hijacked driver: I help you but let the passengers get off first – Sohu news Guilin evening news news October 28th, October 26th at 7 pm, 91 bus driver master Deng Guangxi Guilin bus company, as usual with the car starting from Lingui to Guilin, the direction of travel. Because it is the last bus, when arriving at Yung road bus station, the car has more than 20 passengers. About 7:25, the car stops in Fuzhou Road, is ready to start, starting in the back door will be closed on the occasion, a middle-aged man holding a dress from the back door, rushed to the car. Subsequently, the man threw his clothes on the ground to lose, the two knife in his neck, shouting: "fast driving! Somebody’s going to kill me!" Deng master things in the car, restore the previous experience. In this paper, the pictures are from the micro Guilin Deng master was also scared out of a sweat, he looked out of the car and found no one. Men’s mood is very excited, Deng master immediately aware of the need to ensure the safety of passengers. "No, brother. I’ll help you drive! But let the passengers get off, they drive slowly in the car……" In order to stabilize the mood of the man, and the man Tang master side side to open the door, address each other as brothers, let passengers get off one after another, he has been sitting in the cab alone to face the man with a knife. Hands and feet were cut down no loose steering wheel as one passenger car, Deng teacher relieved. At this point, knife man more excited. He will be in the kitchen knife master Deng’s neck, said someone killed him, let Deng master alarm, and then asked to close the doors and windows. Tang master all do. Before long, the man let Deng master driving forward, but has not said where to go. Master Deng recalls, man has been suspected of car slowly, he kicked the driver’s foot to step on the accelerator. At this time, the bus has slowly drove to the vicinity of Jinshui road and Airport Road intersection, pedestrians and vehicles up. To master Deng leg wounds. In the face of the man on the accelerator behavior, Mr. Deng did not compromise, even if there is a knife in the neck, hesitate to put the brakes on. Unexpectedly, this move angered the man, he raised his knife to cut to the Tang master thigh. At this time, the man reached out and grabbed the steering wheel, but I saw there are two cars in front of the car, so I can not wait to think, say nothing to let go." Deng master recalled, the results were cut two hands. Fortunately, the knife is not sharp, cut is not serious." Deng master things in the car, restore the previous experience. In the process of entanglement with men, Deng master noticed two police cars have been followed in the rear of the bus. He immediately while men do not pay attention, turn off the car door, and cheat the other car broke down. The knife wielding man tried to determine the throttle, the car won’t start, was ablaze with anger down the car. The knife wielding man was arrested man to get off, walk on the sidewalk, continue to go to Guilin with a chopper, saw the police immediately after the golden waterway to the pedestrian street in the direction of. However, the man did not run far, it was surrounded by police armed with shields and arrest poles. After that, the man also.相关的主题文章: