The 8 year old district fell almost tracing stroke was saved thanks to – Beijing fracture shiyang

The 8 year old district " ": tracing; fall almost stroke was saved thanks to Beijing – Community – ning community reporter Du Hui two days this fracture, Ning’an community Xinhua District where there is such a good thing by residents talked about, "small Ma Zhenying propped elderly fall, also took the old man to the hospital. Such a good man must praise!" If not the old man falls to the district where the "tracing", this thing may be buried". Things will start in September 9th, in the afternoon, a gray haired old man hurried to find Ning District neighborhood community, he was trembling and said: "please help me, I am looking for a savior". The name is Wei Zhengduo, nearly eight years. He told the committee staff, one morning not long ago, he go out for his walk, ride near the garage to Ning’an road and North Wing Street intersection, accidentally kick TA, fell to the ground. In his helpless, a man came to his side and simply asked about his physical condition, without demur stopped a tricycle, and greet pedestrians together will be sent to the old people’s provincial hospital recently for rescue, and contact with the elderly family phone, until the old man’s family rushed to the hospital, the middle-aged man just quietly leave, "he said he lived in Ning’an area, named ma." The old man said, after the diagnosis does not stop, he broke two ribs, but pony rescue, was induced by cerebral hemorrhage, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate, "said the old man wanted to find the good, to say thank you!" Yesterday, the community Secretary Zhang Jujie told reporters, after the description of the elderly, neighborhood residents from the office was informed that the man is living in the 10 floor of the residents of Ma Zhenying, he is a retired doctor provincial hospital. For Ma Zhenying the behavior, his neighbors and colleagues have said that Ma Zhenying has always been a warm-hearted, often courageous, encountered life crisis, is always the first to rush, when seeing the patient out of danger, always silently turned away, like the old man to the neighborhood looking for if Wei Zhengduo is not a savior, they are difficult to find the unknown hero "". "At that time, the elderly over when the horse doctor happened to be out when, the two did not meet, but we contact the doctor Ma, he has repeatedly said that these are just little things, did not think the old man will go to the community to find him. After experiencing such a thing, he will not hesitate to do so."相关的主题文章: