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Technology: VR and AR play the real market Sina Finance detonated App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million fashion reporter Ye Siqi – seeing is believing? The most recent VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology tells us that the immediate reality of the world may also be illusory. Through VR and AR, not only the game world has become more gorgeous, people can also watch the show in the virtual and reality of the world, try clothes, shopping malls. Even one day, we can stay at home with the other side of the friends shook hands, enjoy the meal at the same table. With the development of technology, it is possible to realize the subversive ideas about the future. This reality can play a sound frightened scream, to air a crooked posture, wearing a strange hood…… If not the next screen transfer synchronization of scene information, the state may make others laugh. Wangfujing in Beijing, a shopping experience Museum, little Wu Wan is currently very popular VR games. VR is the abbreviation of virtual reality, which uses computer to simulate the environment. It is a kind of interactive 3D dynamic visual simulation and entity behavior system simulation. "In the game, I was filled with elves, ghosts, and adventure scenes and precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs of snow capped mountains, very realistic, then really can not see, I take the eye directly." After the experience, Xiao Wu is still suffering from the shock. When he screamed, may be a wizard rushed to the head; when he hesitated in front of his virtual world is likely to face the abyss. According to the reporter, the current head of the display device, the game platform and other VR hardware, consumers experience in the museum has been able to experience a variety of virtual environments in the game, the effect is very good. In addition to the experience of adventure simulation game, the more popular VR games and shooting, driving class. Another VR with good technology recently different approaches but equally satisfactory results is also very popular, it is AR. AR refers to the augmented reality, which through computer technology, the application of virtual information to the real world, the real environment and virtual objects into the same screen or space in real time. Simply put, VR see the scene and the characters are all false; AR see the scene and part of the characters is really a part of the false, is the virtual information into the real world. In the application of AR technology, the most recent impressive than the end of the Rio Olympics Closing ceremony, Tokyo 8 minutes". In the help of AR technology, many famous Japanese cartoon stars and athletes have debut, landmarks and traditional culture fast silhouette, AR and even the 33 Olympic Games in the air projection, the whole show the full sense of science and technology. In addition, this year there is a game using AR technology fire all over the world, that is Pokemon Go. This is authorized by Nintendo, Niantic development of AR games, iOS and Android platform to create a new download record, its high popularity and even help Nintendo shares on a large scale相关的主题文章: