Taiwan’s defense minister, said if kidnapped by the mainland, then I committed suicide exit safe mode

Taiwan defense minister said: if I was kidnapped, Dutch act original title: "defense minister": if I was kidnapped, Dutch act according to Taiwan "Chinese times" reported that the retired military officers involved "spy case" event of success, whether the DPP legislators Liu Shifang 24, asked the army the security mechanism of a problem, and asked the Taiwan authorities "defense minister" Feng Shikuan, "in case of kidnap you, how to do?" Feng Shikuan immediately said, "that I committed suicide!" According to reports, Liu Shifang question, now many retired officers to soldiers, retired if caught, but what about the contact of servicemen have not been on that? Feng Shikuan said, if a person involved, not before the trial, will be removed from the post, or in this position would not give him the task, if retired after the civil identity, there will be appropriate to monitor local personnel. Liu Shifang said the proposal, in recent years lvchuan Taiwan army retired officers in China, to do business or tourism, visiting relatives and other activities, contact with the mainland intelligence work system, and to absorb the intimidation and bribery ", then in after returning from the existed network penetration Taiwan army officers," defense "to steal confidential", caused great threat to the security of Taiwan". Liu Shifang please build the Taiwan authorities within two months of deliberation and planning to retire under the age of three years, the Taiwan military officers from the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao China case a case management database, business agility and the extension of the file management before retiring contact time.相关的主题文章: