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Taiwan warm service you and I moved his maternal Sohu Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital for guests, feel the family service is respect and care, medical environment, convenient and comfortable service process, the introduction of Taiwan medical quality management system, desktop, desktop service concept, every medical service personnel have a high sense of responsibility, positive enterprising, broad loving heart. Especially the island guest service department, are listening every hour and moment pregnant mother’s needs, take the initiative to care for a pregnant mother’s every act and every move. (Figure 1: listen to active care) cold island guest service department staff will sit in the hall has been sleeping on the cover of the pregnant mother and the baby blanket, the pregnant mother was what we can do to the pregnant mother directly sent home, will pick up to parturient pregnant mother, no matter what with the help of a pregnant mother, our guest service department staff will go all out to help. Listen to the sublimation moved (Figure 2: pregnant mother wiping vomit) has also moved constantly in perfection, attentive to accompany, to the hotel shuttle guests to the parking lot, leading the pregnant mother, observe the pregnant mother’s feelings, listen to the voice of the pregnant mother, go to the main animal care and help, take the initiative to send humanity, into each link and details. Just a few days ago, there was a physical discomfort of the pregnant mother in the hospital hall, suddenly nausea and vomiting, then our guest service staff of the Department of Zhang Yingrong, with both hands holding a small bucket of vomit to catch the pregnant mother, and to help wipe, then pregnant mother suddenly moved. I will touch you (Figure 3: details of the service you and I moved to Taiwan) service tenet is always for the sake of pregnant mothers, help pregnant mothers everywhere. Continue to provide unexpected services for pregnant mothers, will serve each link to do fine, fine. Recently, there is a large part of the pregnant mother action is not very convenient, need a certain amount of urine when urine is used to test our guest service department staff taking into account the pregnant mother urine is not very convenient for pregnant mother will urine, then sent directly to the urine test at. Moved (Figure 4: harmonious Taiwan praise you and I moved his Taiwan maternity hospital) "we have not thought of, Taiwan medical staff thought; we think to do, Taiwan medical personnel can do it; we think has been done in place, Taiwan medical staff did much better." The pregnant mother commented Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital moved service. Taiwan Guest Service Department moved service has won wide respect and trust of the pregnant mother, in order to further promote the harmonious and harmonious hospital departments, construction of harmonious doctor-patient relationship, healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of the hospital and create good conditions.相关的主题文章: