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Swire in self Brunch, 12 points to 16 points to eat, this is the weekend life and wonderful weekend – Sohu, from the early start lunch if you oversleep, miss breakfast plus classes, lunch you fall like your mom made it lies, love you? The weekend sleep, eat breakfast and lunch to eat buffet, you no longer have to worry about your mom, live music? Yes only Brunch can comfort you normally busy only Brunch can not be in a hurry to eat only Brunch from noon to eat at Brunch only provide nutrition and comfortable atmosphere HELLO | BRUNCH In The Abbaye is located in the Pacific in Ma Jia Xiang temple The Abbaye love cup Belgian restaurant, every weekend from 12 noon to 4 pm, provide a buffet of fresh beautiful, many kinds of pure western delicacy and pastry snacks, breakfast, lunch The afternoon tea also has! At the same time with the classic Hong Kong style plate, DJ offer sounds more happy elements add sweet, is absolutely the most fashionable city the most comfortable brunch experience! The Abbaye love cup Belgium restaurant buffet Brunch provides 30 kinds of American, Italian, French, Belgian delicious Western style, from the egg Bacon, croissants, toast sandwiches, salad, pasta, French fries, hamburgers, pizza, Pork Chop chicken, soup, fruit and other everything, can continue to eat meal, from 12 until the 4 in the afternoon, afternoon tea time, you can enjoy the brownie, cheese cake, yogurt and fruit, all day is a relaxed mood! "This year, you want to get into fashion, you have to have an early lunch"! The dish is the brain hole wide open lovely ^ high value MM Yan waiter dressed in cheongsam is long serving buffet, close to the extra points Oh long chopsticks Fresh Juice, coffee, wine, Dave love early afternoon meal wine – Oh can also continue to eat lunch early afternoon tea. (brunch costs are included in the CHEF BRUNCH In The Abbaye) | from Belgian chef Sven Vandelanotte country delicacy, graduated from Bruges 8 years ago the famous "Ter Groene Poorte" cooking school in Belgium Antwerp for an additional year of hotel management, Sven can be said to be a professional chef the dining experience and restaurant management knowledge coexist. Working on a small luxury cruise ship and a private yacht around the world, Sven has been able to provide delicious food to guests from all over the world, and to better understand the food from around the world. MUSIC BRUNCH In The Abbaye | meal Brunch, time is not so rushed, nature is a magic weapon to slow down the music. Different from the general restaurant playing music, The Abbaye invited相关的主题文章: