Suixian nursery school bus hit continued the intersection without traffic lights – Beijing

Suixian nursery school bus hit continued: the intersection without traffic lights – Beijing kindergarten school bus hit caused 2 dead and 11 injured in the incident Henan Suixian two children at the intersection without traffic lights on the 22 day at 8:39, if continue to open the bus for about 15 minutes, the 5 year old boy Chen Ziming (a pseudonym) should arrive he has attended the new kindergarten for two weeks, but in less than 7 kilometers from the kindergarten Zhenxing road and Taishan Road intersection, but had an unexpected trouble. A little slow truck, hit down the middle on this car carrying 30 children to school. 11 people were injured, and the two children died, one of them is Chen Ziming. This is a traffic light intersection, Suixian Shangqiu City, Henan province bulletin, the driver has been controlled after the cause of the accident, pending investigation. The truck hit down the middle kindergarten school bus 22 at 8:53 in the morning, Henan Shangqiu city Suixian a kindergarten school bus collided with a minivan. At the time of the incident surveillance video display, 22 at 8:39 in the morning, the revitalization of the road and Taishan Road intersection in Shangqiu city of Suixian, a body for the yellow school bus is through the intersection, traveling to the center position, a fully loaded cargo truck suddenly rushed to the bus was central bus collision to the roadside, and vans roll on the ground. Wang told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter in the vicinity of the incident site, around 9 in the morning, he saw the scene after the incident, there are about 30 teachers and students. At that time, 3 ambulances, fire engines and more than a dozen police officers in the rescue of the two." Wang recalled that after the scene was blocked, there were several parents rushed to the scene to help rescue the child in the car. "There was a teacher who was thrown out of the car, with blood on his head, and then the teacher slumped to the ground, but it didn’t seem to be in danger." According to another section of the live video display, after the incident, there are a number of children face and head over the blood, was held under the school bus incident. Video images also show that the school bus printed with the words "Suixian workers kindergarten", the car is decorated with ordinary cmb. On the morning of 22, Shangqiu City, Suixian County Propaganda Department issued notification that day at 8:53 in Suixian Taishan road and road intersection with the revitalization of a traffic accident, a bus (license number: Henan N48962) traveling from east to west, and a minivan (license number: Henan N3J133) traveling from north to South, there the collision caused 13 people were injured, two of them seriously. 22 PM, local further informed that two wounded or injured after she died, the number was changed to 11 people. Family kicked open the intensive care unit 5 year old Chen Ziming was killed in the accident. Chen Ziming’s family memories, 22 pm at about 4 am, when they kick open the door of the intensive care unit rushed into the house and found the child has cold hands and feet, no signs of life. At this point, the incident has been over the past 7 hours, during which the family repeatedly asked the doctor in and out of the intensive care unit, the answer has been in the rescue". Incident time is 22 am 8:53. Uncle Chen Qing (Hua Mingfan Chen Ziming相关的主题文章: