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Strictly administering the party system — "the cage system" book highlights the original title: strictly administering the party system — "the cage system" book highlights (a) according to the October 24-27 meeting of the CPC in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, on the major issues of the party strictly comprehensive, some party political life standards formulated under the new situation, the revised "China Communist Party Supervision Regulations (Trial)". Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the practice, first, adhere to the "strict party system", firmly push forward the comprehensive strictly, concentrated in the party, and severely punish corruption, purify the party political environment, the political life of the party to show the new weather, won the party and the people. "Strictly, the party system", not only the key minority on the leading cadres, but also to the whole Party and the whole society to create a system, compliance system, advocate defend system good atmosphere. In today’s era, all walks of life need system. Some organs, enterprises, institutions, big decision management, small to clean, we must develop a series of systems. However, for the system, a lot of people both familiar and unfamiliar, familiar means "people always have to face the established system, this is the survival of the soil, the air, the boundary action refers to the" strange "; not known true knowledge, understanding of the system is not clear, easy to produce paradoxical feeling. What is the institution, what is the value of what is good, and the system of scientific system, how to establish effective and pragmatic, how not to let the system become the "Scarecrow", the real implementation of the system in place, is the era of great interest. In this background, in order to let more people know the system, compliance system and defend the system, in a relaxed in January this year, a collection of essays "system" was published by CITIC publishing house cage. The book is written by two authors of the story of the more than and 50 system. These stories come from life, from the masses, from the history. From "Homa epic" to "people’s Daily", from the world cup to grab red envelopes, from Haier to Samsung, from Zhu Geliang to,…… These vivid stories, and through the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, freely compatible series, naturally the apartment manager at all, entertaining, can make the broad masses of Party members to provide much material for thought, has a more vivid understanding of the party’s eighteen overall since the source of governance, institutional corruption, rule of law etc.. "The cage of the system" is the first reading, propaganda, the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping thought popular books. The book is a way of telling the story, in this system, the system explains the mystery, the times, readability, especially strong popularity. Since published, popular with readers, not only by the,, seeking a network, building network, Guangming and other members of the Communist Party and the central focus of the site, the new media learning group WeChat public number has also been recommended, "China discipline inspection report", "comparatively well-off", "new Hunan review" and other traditional print media recommended, also popular grassroots units of all ages. In the first half of this year, a large state-owned enterprises in the new media department in the internal training, the system cage as a learning reference. Students reflect, the first.相关的主题文章: