Straighten out the central fiscal authority, make the tax system a new lease on life

Straighten out the central fiscal authority, make the tax system in August 24th, the State Council issued a new lease on life, the "guidance" of the State Council on the promotion of central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities to reform, for the first time defined the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities to reform a clear timetable, to complete the reform in 2020, and to study the draft "the inter governmental fiscal relations act", the formation of security legal system of central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities of the. Fiscal powers matching is the core of the tax system, which is also the focus of fiscal reform. Since our country tax system framework established in 1994 has been used, but the framework is substantially regressive and local power under the background of financial centralization in order to improve the set in the central authority, so the weight of the tax allocated to the central tax sharing, central also accounted for 60%, also provides where the deficit is not listed only by the central generation bonds, resulting in the property up and powers down the results. At present, the pattern for the central financial expenditure accounted for only 15% of total expenditures, and local actual expenditures accounted for 85%, the central government’s mode, behind local pay is fiscal powers does not match the reality. These years, several major problems plaguing Chinese economic development, such as overcapacity, local debt crisis, land finance and real estate bubble, the central fiscal powers do not match is important. In the current production tax tax mode, in order to ensure the tax, the local government can easily ignore demand blindly encourage industrial development, to a certain extent in the extensive mode of development caused by overcapacity, even overcapacity in turn drag on the economy, in taxes to shrink, the local government will further condone and even protecting enterprises keep this excess capacity, tax revenue will fall into vicious spiral. Alone is not enough to finance may have property rights, small, and no financial autonomy to independent bonds, the central issue can not meet the power generation and expansion of investment spending desire, the local government will find a way "". On the one hand, the local government to make use of local financing platform to obtain loans, urban construction companies such as disguised bonds, because the debt principal is not clear and free from regulation, the formation of the great hidden risk, causing local debt crisis; on the other hand, the price to form a living beyond the land finance, land prices pushed up housing prices, land finance will be the local government and the real estate industry bundled into a community of interests, and further inflate the real estate bubble. No, do not solve the fiscal powers, it can not cure the lesions of these serious problems. Has been called the central fiscal governance reform has never become small, but because of the involvement of a wide range of significant fiscal powers between the central distribution became this round of tax reform in the late start of a piece of bone — too hard, there has been no open bite. Now, finally has the exact timetable, really exciting. According to the schedule, this year, the reform will focus on national defense, national security, foreign affairs, public security and other basic public services in the field of relatively simple; the next two years, to fight in the conflicting interests of complex and far-reaching education, health care, environmental protection, transportation and other major areas of people’s livelihood from.相关的主题文章: