St Shun Paul shell changed the discount to sell assets to offer people

*ST Shun Paul shell changed the discount to sell assets to offer to Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money original title: discount to sell assets to offer *ST to shun Paul shell rely on the plant system? Source: *ST vision Chinese Yu Shun "sale" Accor technology ushered in the third times the price adjustment. The company was not included in the third public offering of the transferee in line with the conditions of intent, but the technology will be listed as the stock price adjustment of ya ya to $120 million yuan. Compared to the first time the price of 235 million yuan, after the adjustment of the listing price almost halved. Compared with the company 3 years ago, the transaction price of $1 billion 450 million, the listing price is a loss of nearly 92%. Used to be like a lion, now the end of a hero. *ST Shun in the delisting risk cost, really become a negative example of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. Help turnaround hero in Ya Technology’s website, the company’s new show column shows is the 2013 R & D products. The company’s Web site a few visible signs of activity, it has been a long time not updated. The *ST Shun elegant as the technology is rapid as pressing danger to throw away this "hot potato". But three years ago, the biggest player in Accor technology is the successful turnaround of listed companies. In 2013, the domestic mobile phone industry analysts point to usher in the air, with the word "rise" to describe the performance of domestic mobile phone. Zhongguancun online, a survey report shows that in 2013, China’s domestic mobile phone market attention increased from 14.5% two years ago to $40.8%. And the number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to 93, an increase of 32.86% over the previous year. In this context, Accor technology as a hot industry in the industry. The company’s main business for small and medium size (3.5 inches or more) TFT liquid crystal display device and its module R & D, production and sales, its products can be used in the field of mobile phones, digital cameras and other graphic display interface. According to the research report, in 2013 the domestic mobile phone screen size attention top specifications for 4.1-4.5 inches, 5 inches, 4.6-5.0 inch and 3.6-4.0 inches, about the ratio as high as 33.7%, 30.8%, 15.5%, 13.7%. It is not difficult to see, when the market is highly regarded as the size of Accor technology. Another advantage of Accor technology lies in its customer resources. According to the program set by 2013, elegant as the technology in the first half of 2013, the top two customers of Dongguan Yulong Communication Technology Co. Ltd., Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Ltd. has brought $543 million in revenue for the company’s current account for 78.59% of the total revenue. It is worth mentioning that, Lenovo Mobile and Dongguan Yulong’s mobile phone products are prominent in the domestic mobile phone. Among them, the lenovo mobile phone market attention was 19.1%, ranked first. The cool mobile phone market attention is also 8.7%, ranked in the top fifth. *ST Shun elegant as the technology of acquisition, is showing a strong profitability of the underlying asset. On the fixed gain scheme相关的主题文章: