Singer Amber An was the father of violence was 10 years brick smashing head deaf in the left ear popkart

Singer Amber An was the father of violence was 10 years brick smashed the head left ear deaf Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Amber An launched a new album "life to the beautiful", when the album concept from the lowest and most beautiful, also revealed his miserable childhood memories from childhood: after parents divorce, living together with his father. My father was always drinking violence against her, the body is full of scars, even with a brick smashed into her head, left ear hearing only 2 to 3, she admitted that she had long been suspected because the hearing. Amber An Amber An in kindergarten parents divorced, living with his father, according to Taiwan media reports, every time when Dad starts drinking violence, she simply hide, fear was violence, but a father picked up the bricks with a throw, just hit her head, she awoke to see the spot remain unconscious, her father is Cayao dad, for excuses, alcohol trouble will convince myself that, in a 10 year old father died, not to feel the love of family. Childhood has long been violence, Amber An later found that the left ear can not hear, once suspected my father always lead to slap him, but the doctor told her that "may be genetic or inborn", she chose to continue to believe that "Daddy loves me", tries to hypnotize yourself to forget the violence for dad, but also have to avoid sadness emotional habits lead to shoot crying scene to find the feeling, then had to rely on hypnosis to awaken their unbearable memories, in hypnosis, she saw his body bruises on the spot, crying tears collapse, distressed for the original himself said: "don’t be afraid, you see now I’m fine." For father Amber An died of cirrhosis, but a long period of time have nothing to say, finally asked: "do you love me?" Only to find that he has never forgotten his father to do, talk about childhood memories, the number of bursts of crying can not stop, is not hate his father? She refused to respond positively, but also therefore out of the darkness, adjust the attitude, learn to face bravely, "life is low with high will be wonderful, those things do not care too much, is accepted." Editor: GDN006相关的主题文章: