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The Sichuan identity card number will no longer service life that my mother is my mother "Sichuan online news (reporter Chen Song) the day before, the office of the provincial government issued the" Sichuan province to promote the "Internet plus government services to carry out information Huimin pilot implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), clearly in 2017, Chengdu, Mianyang (micro-blog), Neijiang (micro-blog) 3 national pilot city information Huimin the initial realization of government services of cross regional, cross level, cross sectoral "one application, a window of acceptance, network office, city management, people’s livelihood and basic public services to achieve the integration application of intelligent public service matters more than 80% can apply online. Put forward a number of "life management" plan ", to promote cross sectoral, cross regional, cross level information sharing as the starting point, optimize service processes, smooth service channels, innovative service models, and actively promote the online service, one-stop handling, go through, through the city to do a comprehensive service, accelerate the realization of three major changes: from" mass errands "to" run away from "information", the people running back and forth "to" coordination office ", from passive service to active service". The program focuses on the deployment of three key tasks. First, simplify the process of optimizing the masses. Government services matters comprehensively relates to the masses, to the citizen’s identity number as a unique identifier, the formation of personal electronic license directory, electronic certificate database construction, promote the masses of the "number one" for "a number" for the residents "record life, life management, service life". Two is the reform and innovation of government service mode. In a unified platform for data sharing and exchange of information and government affairs service system for support and promote the integration of online and offline management, implementation of government services matters "one window acceptance, a platform for sharing and one-stop service, and gradually realize the nearest to office, city pass office, remote office. Three is a smooth way of government services. The integration of service resources departments isolated, expand the "Internet plus government service channels, building service unified identity authentication system to promote the masses, masses online work" a certification, multi point Internet, multi channel service "network" through the office. More than 70% public service can be online for the "program" proposed, 2016, Chengdu, Mianyang, Neijiang to complete the government service process of combing, simplification and standardization, formed the perfect government services matters directory; in accordance with the requirements of the unified standard and construction, carry out carding and construction of electronic license certificate database and related standards to establish the system of basic work built in electronic certificate database, complete with card issuing system and business management system docking, realize electronic license and license issuing paper synchronization; optimize the electronic government affairs hall, built a unified government comprehensive service window; integration to build a unified platform for data sharing and exchange and authentication system, the basic realization of government services matters "one application a window of acceptance, Netcom, office in the inner city, public service matters more than 70% can apply online. "Plan" requirements, all localities and departments to fully integrate existing information resources, the construction of the system of unified architecture, provincial classification management, the provincial government service database sharing, realize all kinds of government information about accessibility"相关的主题文章: