Shenzhen has 7 note first person sued Samsung or domestic Shougao kisstudou

Shenzhen has 7 Note first person sued Samsung or China’s first told the Shenzhen evening news trainee reporter Qin Yao writing map Samsung Note7 mobile phone a spate of bombings, many consumers purchase the Chinese heart health concerns. The morning of September 29th, the purchase of the Samsung Note7 mobile phone Shenzhen mobile phone consumer Zhou Lijiu for fear of security risks exist, request a refund for rejected, Yizhisuzhuangjiang Huizhou Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Samsung) and mobile phone sales to court. Currently, the Futian District people’s court has accepted the case. Consumers believe that the Samsung mobile phone sales and party fraud Zhou Lijiu introduced, in September 1st he bought two Samsung Note7 mobile phone, in a shopping mall near Futian District Huaqiang garden before the purchase, he also has doubts, worried about the mobile phone will have problems like Samsung Note7 issued abroad. When the mobile phone starting date, store, sales staff and Samsung Southern China district manager were present, 3 people on the spot: "China Samsung Note7 mobile phone with different battery suppliers, that occurs in China never worried him." Zhou Lijiu lined up in the evening to buy two are produced in August 28, 2016 Samsung Note7 mobile phone, spent a total of $11977. There is no black box on the box. Later, he was told that he has become the Shenzhen area first Samsung Note7, also let him write "congratulations on your sign in front of a Shenzhen area has become the first person" Samsung Note7. How to purchase the excitement did not last, Zhou Lijiu found the relevant domestic Samsung Note7 explosion and spontaneous combustion of the news from time to time, a number of China airlines on the "ban order". He and his family with a mobile phone are often friends always on tenterhooks, joked: "the explosion?" In September 14th, the State Quality Inspection Administration of Samsung after the interview, Samsung (China) announced the immediate recall from July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016 during the manufacturing part of the Samsung Note7. Affected by the number of mobile phones in mainland China, the number of 1858 units, while Zhou Lijiu bought the phone is not within the scope of the recall of two. Zhou Lijiu can not help but wonder: "at the beginning of the line is no problem, and now how to fry it?" Accordingly, he believes that mobile phone sales and Samsung in the presence of fraud in the sale of the request for a refund and claim 3 times compensation. This demand was rejected by the mobile phone sales side. The morning of September 29th, Zhou Lijiu Yizhisuzhuangjiang and Samsung mobile phone sales are on the court. At present, the people’s Court of Futian District has issued a notice of acceptance of the case, accepting the case. Zhou Lijiu said he would like to let the Chinese people through this lawsuit to learn rights, can not be treated differently. He also said with a smile, he might be the first person to China for Note7 sued samsung. Reporters in the online search found that it has not yet found the domestic consumers on the Note7 mobile phone problem of judicial process case. Mobile phone sales that can give a refund compensation night reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of mobile phone sales, the responsible person, according to Samsung’s news, Zhou Lijiu purchased mobile phone is officially released the state line version, mobile phone battery supply.相关的主题文章: