Shenyang private car when the network is still about 30 thousand illegal car sales fined -10 million queer as folk

Private cars in Shenyang when the network about the car business still is a violation penalty of 30 thousand -10 million "heard friends say that private cars now pull work legitimate, I just want to make money to buy a new car. Last week before the loan to buy a car, yesterday just got the driver’s license, I did not expect to pull the first day of work was arrested……" Yesterday, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Transportation Bureau of peace hall, 53 year old Wang Jun (a pseudonym) sounded very sad, because he was just in the Shenyang Railway Station East Square pull on a family of three to go to the airport, negotiated fare is 60 yuan, who think the car did not start by law enforcement officers seized. Call off work, just get on the passenger was seized at 10:30 yesterday, city traffic bureau Peace Bureau law enforcement officers to inspect in Shenyang Railway Station around, found a new Dongfeng car, the car stood a male driver, is moving outbound passengers shouted: "there is no airport, airport, go to the airport." Law enforcement officers to be negotiated a good price for the passengers on the bus to be seized. The car calling Wang Jun, the day he was in the Shenyang Railway Station East Square is called work, a family of three, just under the train to go to the airport, the two sides negotiated price of 60 yuan, the passenger on the car. Just last week, the loan to buy a car, the first single was "I intend to do is catch network about cars, but also deliberately downloaded the software called the car, but also ran a morning did not grab a single, together with the Shenyang station on a job, did not think they were arrested." Wang Jun told reporters that the car was bought in September 13th, a total of 80 thousand cars, down payment of 20 thousand loans, loans to $2000 per month. "I was listening to a friend said, now network about cars legitimate, just wanting to buy a car to pull the job to make money, driving license before yesterday, did not expect the first day of the first single business was arrested." Although this is not about a single net caught, but Wang Jun for the relevant provisions of network about cars are still confused, I do not know whether it is legitimate? At this stage, the private car pull work shall be in accordance with the "black" penalty at the end of July, according to the relevant provisions of the state network about cars legalization. But the country has not yet officially announced the implementation of a local rules or draft, the city about the network about the details of the car management is also being stepped up to develop. "The formal introduction of the network management rules about local car, private car using a variety of network platform, mobile phone software soliciting illegal operations, this need not be questioned, law enforcement officers investigate according to" black car "punishment. According to relevant regulations, will impose a fine of 30 thousand – 100 thousand yuan." City Traffic Bureau peace branch law enforcement officers reiterated. It is understood that the City Transportation Bureau from August 25th to November 25th, in the city to carry out special operations in the taxi market order. To the Shenyang Railway Station, Shenyang South Railway Station, Shenyang North Railway Station (Hunnan station), Taoxian Airport as the focus, to crack down on non operating vehicles engaged in "net about car taxi business, private cars and the Disabled Scooter in the taxi business and other types of illegal trading behavior. It is understood that the Shenyang City Department of Transportation Bureau of peace since August 22nd, has dealt with the black car (car) 10 vehicles, taxi overcharged 5 cases.相关的主题文章: