Shanghai City area of 200K square meters of sponge built in 2020 zibba

Shanghai City area of 200K square meters of sponge built in 2020 to 2020, the city will build 200K square meters of sponge city area. By 2040, we can build resilience cities that can adapt to the trend of global climate change and resist rain and flood disasters. Trainee reporter Hu Ying morning news refers to the so-called sponge City, the city can be like a sponge, with good "elastic" in adaptation to environmental change and disaster response and so on, when it rains, water storage, water seepage, water purification, water storage will need to "release" and make use of. Many people have been worried about the storm to bring "look at the sea" mode, after the completion of the "sponge city", Shanghai’s drainage capacity will be effectively improved. Since yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of soil and mineral administration publicized the special plan of sponge city in Shanghai. According to the plan, to 2020, the city will build 200K square meters of sponge city area. To the long-term planning (2040), the construction is able to adapt to the trend of global climate change, with the toughness of the city’s stormwater disaster resistance; construction of water environmental quality, excellent water ecology and landscape coordination, city water landscape to provide open space public hydrophilic water harmonious city construction; external ecological space is adequate, the main city, Metro neighborhood ecological corridor the complete development of the construction of ecological civilization, green livable city district. Shanghai city belongs to the plain tidal river network area, urban drainage and water drainage area divided closely. In order to conform to the city planning for city river system characteristics, scientific management, reasonable division principle, based on the city water conservancy area waterlogging slice, planning the formation of 15 sponge city control partition, and formulate the corresponding network standard and flood control standard etc.. According to the Municipal Construction Committee, Shanghai has initially built a number of sponge city model project. As the best practice area of Expo City, rainwater park built a sponge city construction demonstration project in 2013. Sponge city life cycle management was also carried out this year. The port area of 80 meters around the lake Dishui Lake landscape with a phase of the project has been completed 4.6 hectares, mainly by land protection and restoration technology: entrance plaza with ecological water permeable ceramic brick, bikeway by ecological gravel pavement, jogging track use of pervious concrete pavement, ensure the permeability effect; surface flow wetland; ecological shoreline sponge city measures. It is reported that, by promoting the construction of typical model project, the city will soon form a group can be copied, can be extended to the case of sponge City, promote the city’s sponge city construction.

上海2020年建成200k㎡海绵城市区域   至2020年,全市将建成200k㎡海绵城市区域。   至2040年,建设能够适应全球气候变化趋势,具备抵抗雨洪灾害的韧性城市。   见习记者 胡迎   晨报讯 所谓海绵城市,是指城市能够像海绵一样,在适应环境变化和应对自然灾害等方面具有良好的“弹性”,下雨时吸水、蓄水、渗水、净水,需要时将蓄存的水“释放”并加以利用。不少市民一直担心暴雨带来的“看海”模式,在建成“海绵城市”后,上海的排涝能力将得到有效提升。自昨日起,市规土局公示《上海市海绵城市专项规划》方案。   根据规划,至2020年,全市将建成200k㎡海绵城市区域。至规划远期(2040年),建设能够适应全球气候变化趋势,具备抵抗雨洪灾害的韧性城市;建设水环境质量优良、水生态与城市景观协调、水景观为市民提供亲水休憩空间的水和谐城市;建设外围生态空间充足,主城区、新城邻域生态廊道完整,开发建设区绿色宜居的生态文明城市。   上海市属于平原感潮河网地区,城镇排水与水利区域除涝分片联系紧密。规划以顺应城市水系特征、便于城市管理、科学合理划分为原则,在本市水利区域除涝分片的基础上,规划形成了15个海绵城市管控分区,并制定了相应的管网标准和防洪标准等。   据市住建委介绍,目前上海已经初步建成了一些海绵城市样板工程。   如世博城市最佳实践区雨水公园2013年建成了海绵城市建设示范项目。今年还开展了海绵城市全生命周期管理。临港地区滴水湖环湖80米景观带一期工程目前已建成4.6公顷,主要采用了土地保护与修复技术:入口广场采用生态陶瓷透水砖,自行车道采用生态碎石铺装,慢跑道采用透水混凝土,保证路面的透水效果;表流人工湿地; 生态岸线等海绵城市措施。   据悉,通过推进典型样板工程的建设,本市将尽快形成一批可复制、可推广的海绵城市案例,以点带面,推进全市海绵城市建设。相关的主题文章: