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[sea] think Vipassana events outside — this time, we sincerely talk to Sohu – note: Please click on the bottom and read the text, or scan two-dimensional code above. The grand capital of Europe, America, Japan, attention to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia and other markets, like many fields of short videos, news, social networking, tools, electricity providers, big data and artificial intelligence, is currently in Shanghai, Beijing and Silicon Valley has set up three offices, the target is to establish joint investment companies. A sea ecological system perfect, welcome to the field of entrepreneurs active. See WeChat no more public information: Grand Capital (ID:grandvc); for more information please contact: Leo (Tel & Wechat:13162653191) Global Entrepreneurship Week is the top event in the field of entrepreneurship, held simultaneously in 160 countries. Every November, in a week’s time, all kinds of business activities in the global theme of wonderful performance, President Xi Jinping, President Obama and other dignitaries in various forms to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurs have to participate. 2016 (tenth) Global Entrepreneurship Week China station will be held on November 14, 2016 -20 at the Shanghai science and technology museum. By the time the venture week will gather Venture Service Providers, investors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, held in the field of entrepreneurship theme activities in a week, more than and 100 companies outside the field of exhibition, is expected to participate in more than 12000 people 50-80. Focus on mobile Internet services delivery and sea areas of investment: bp@grandvc micro signal: grandvc micro-blog: Grand Capital相关的主题文章: