Reporter survey of APP users to give an irrelevant answer protection type insurance precision market

Reporter: App users give an irrelevant answer protection type insurance reporter Liu Jingyuan Internet precision marketing rebuffed when asked whether seen on App insurance products, a mother asked the reporters "user above insurance?" Life insurance company originally thought that this precise marketing for female users App, suffered embarrassment. Although the life insurance industry to take the wings of the Internet to achieve a certain take-off, the premium to achieve high growth, but the security of the Internet business is still not found a good way of insurance. This makes the Internet business high hopes but refused to carry out the Internet financial insurance company is very uncomfortable, they wander between traditional channels and new channels of the Internet, the Internet business to protect the type of business profits, but also to endure long time no premium scale. Internet business positioning not only want to do security business, and want to expand the scale, to create profits for shareholders, but also to the premium grades, which in the eyes of a life insurance company, is a natural contradiction, unless the time during the year, down very innovative action, although he did not know what is. Or, the launch of the product appearance of explosive materials, a sufficient, but it is difficult to. According to the reporter, this company is not a case. Many small insurance firms are actively trying to Internet business, the establishment of the relevant business departments, recruitment of IT talents, a popular Internet product experience from the insurance personnel, but they are not easily on the scale of the on-line financial insurance products, but the choice of cooperation with the Internet giant platform or popular applications, hopes to begin from this innovative business model could be a breakthrough for security business of the target population, but the effect is not ideal at present. Financial insurance is still the absolute main business of life insurance companies Internet business. China insurance industry association data show that the first half of this year, the Internet insurance premiums 113 billion 390 million yuan, is 2.5 times over the same period last year, the Internet insurance business is still the main type of financial business, the first half of the scale of the accident insurance premium income was 1 billion 110 million yuan, accounting for only 0.9% of the Internet personal insurance premium income, health personal insurance Internet insurance accounted for the total premium of 1.3%, the Internet health insurance market needs to be developed. With the Internet channel sales of financial insurance products, insurance firms, have achieved good results and hope on the premium, a breakthrough in Internet security products business of the insurance companies are facing the situation of frustrated. Premium growth in some insurance companies related to the two digit, each channel business this year across the board did not reach, therefore, the company in the middle of the year, up on the evaluation index of each department, and the company on the Internet business and there is no clear premium, then assessed to the Department door premium task is 200 million yuan. Securities Daily reporters get an industry data show that in the first half of 2016, the company’s Internet business scale premiums less than 5 million yuan. China Insurance Regulatory Commission data show that this year, 1-7 months, the company’s original premium level of billions of dollars. Powerful alliances and no stronger insurance companies want to create a security insurance business internet.相关的主题文章: