Regulations of Tianjin Municipality on the administration of private passenger cars (Draft) foldercure

Tianjin City Private minibus carpool management regulations (Draft) Regulations – Beijing Tianjin private minibus carpool (Draft) Article 1 in order to encourage and regulate private minibus carpool behavior, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to carpool, according to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, in combination with the city actually, these provisions are formulated. Second private minibus carpool, or carpool, ride, ride refers to the service provider is not for profit, in advance by the Internet information service platform (hereinafter referred to as the ride platform) in the release of personal car travel information, travel routes by the same people choose to ride the carpool service provider of non operating small passenger car travel, travel cost sharing proportion or free mutual assistance. Third of the city’s private passenger car service scope is limited to the city administrative region. Fourth of the city’s private passenger cars by the limited number of times the implementation of the system, the number of vehicles per day to send a single number of not more than two times. Fifth ride platform should be in accordance with the time line, the same basic principles, to provide information for publication or choose travel demand carpool; service providers should be limited by the query by people close to the travel time, location, contact. Sixth private passenger car ride is a voluntary civil action, the relevant responsibilities and obligations by the parties themselves. Carpool platform shall be provided by the service agreement, by their response, shall be signed by the service agreement, clear carpool service providers, carpool and carpool software operator’s rights, obligations and responsibilities. The seventh hop platform shall require the service provider to provide the necessary identity, vehicle registration information. The cost of the eighth hop service is limited to the cost of energy consumption in the process of travel and the cost of Luqiao. The average cost of the hop service sharing shall be assessed by the average number of service providers and CO operators. The calculation by service cost sharing, carpool service providers should be based on the registration of vehicles, vehicle emissions, according to the Ministry issued a comprehensive energy consumption, carpool ride mileage calculation, energy consumption cost and Luqiao toll allocation to carpool service provider and a carpool, and ride in platform express. The ninth party service provider shall ensure that the vehicle is in good technical condition, and consciously abide by the laws and regulations so as to ensure the safe travel service for passengers. Tenth to encourage the service provider to purchase the vehicle liability insurance to encourage passengers to purchase personal accident insurance. Eleventh ride platform in the city to carry out carpool information service, shall be filed with the passenger traffic management mechanism and service platform database access passenger traffic management supervision platform, according to the requirements of real-time and complete data provided by. Carpool carpool service provider data including name, license plate number, vehicle type, departure time, destination location, route, location, people carpool carpool fees. The twelfth hop platform collects the hop service provider and the person’s personal information, and shall not exceed the scope necessary for the provision of hop service. In addition to cooperating with the state organs to exercise the power of supervision and inspection or the power of criminal investigation.相关的主题文章: