Qingdao, a woman’s black clinic for treatment of cervical spondylosis two hours after the coma famil stand by me shinee

Qingdao women’s clinics to treat cervical spondylosis after two hour coma family court – Beijing at home to recuperate from Guihua awareness is still not clear, sometimes even the family did not recognize. Qilu Evening News reporter Song Zufeng in the hospital in a coma for more than and 10 days after the treatment is still unconscious 58 year old Jimo blue village villager Yu Guihua because of cervical spondylosis, perennial plagued by illnesses, one day in February this year, to get a chance Guihua claims specifically for the treatment of cervical spondylosis is small because can cure, name card, try holding the attitude in February 23rd, Guihua and her husband Mao Dehong according to the address on the name card to a small clinic in a village located in Jimo Bei’an Street Office of daxinzhuang. At that time, the doctor in the clinic asked about the condition of the simple, carried out a series of treatment." The morning of August 25th, Mao Dehong said that he and his wife to the clinic, a male doctor surnamed Liu in his wife’s symptoms were treated by intravenous injection of the cervical vertebra massage and traction, after the first two hours after the treatment, he and his wife went home. Because his wife’s condition requires long-term treatment, in the next more than and 10 days, Mao Dehong every day with his wife to the clinic for treatment, in March 6th this year, the accident occurred. "That morning we at about 11 in the clinic, and then returned home, about 1 in the afternoon my wife suddenly collapsed on the sofa, unconscious remain unconscious." Mao Dehong said, his wife in March 6th at the clinic after treatment, returned home only in the past two hours, suddenly collapsed and then hastily rushed to the wife remain unconscious, when the Jimo City People’s Hospital, was diagnosed as ischemic cerebrovascular disease, the doctor after emergency treatment, but has been in a coma. In March 8th, and his wife moved to Shandong University Qingdao Qilu Hospital hospital for treatment, was diagnosed with cerebral infarction and carotid artery occlusion. "She was in a coma for more than and 10 days, and now, though she has been hospitalized for many times, she is still a little fuzzy, and sometimes she doesn’t even recognize her family." Mao Dehong said his wife had been hospitalized 4 times since March 6th, but has not fully recovered. No licensed clinic has been banned, "at the time of treatment in the clinic, I do not know what the drug infusion, the doctor said that some of the drugs to promote blood circulation." The wife of the accident after a month, Mao Dehong always feel some strange things, because the doctor for treatment is always taboo and not talk about, in the clinic treatment of more than and 10 days a total cost of 3000 yuan, the wife of each treatment should be carried out by intravenous injection, sometimes by neck injection of drugs, but he still did not know the what is the drug clinic did not provide relevant medical records. In addition, he did not know whether the clinic is a formal medical institutions. In April this year, Mao Dehong to the Jimo municipal health and Family Planning Bureau of health supervision report, suspected that the clinic is a black clinic, no relevant qualifications. 25, the reporter from the Jimo municipal health and Family Planning Bureau of health supervision institute learned that in April this year, Health Authority received a report from the masses, immediate investigation to obtain evidence of the clinic, the clinic without obtaining medical institution xu.相关的主题文章: