Production cycle of future prices decide on what path to follow

Production cycle of future prices decide on what path to follow? Want you We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: production cycle under the future price of sugar is decide on what path to follow? 1 sugar market trend review first, after the accession to the SDR, into the devaluation of the channel. By the national day before the rapid depreciation of 6.67 to 6.78, is expected in the future there will be more substantial devaluation. Because of China’s sugar imports, and many, so as the imported goods, the devaluation of the RMB will lead to a rise in sugar prices. The fourth quarter of this year, with capital inflows, as well as sugar and commodities, ushered in a wave of rising prices, in September after entering the rapid rise in prices, the current from the historical high of 7604 yuan tons, and about 800 points, next year is likely to break the record. According to the previous 3 years bull market, bear market experience in, is expected to be the next bull bear will be in the second quarter of 2017, and is still in the middle of a bull market in the latter part of the. So I’ve always been optimistic about the prices will continue to rise. If you want to choose a short term, then the 1709 contract will be very appropriate, this natural short contract. However, the recent crude oil market weakness, bad international sugar prices. The main reasons are as follows: Brazil sugarcane to produce sugar and ethanol, while ethanol and crude oil price is positively related to the decline in crude oil prices, will be more for the production of sugar cane sugar, increase the yield, sugar prices decline. The market believes that the mainstream institutions top ICE sugar may be 25-26 cents, do not see a higher position. In addition, China, Thailand, the two main producing countries have also recovered, leaving the larger variables in India. However, the currency of Brazil Real in the recent appreciation of the channel, the long-term bullish price of sugar. The reasons are as follows: the export of Brazil sugar exchange for dollars, the value of the domestic currency appreciation, resulting in reduced profits, swap, resulting in the production of ethanol more for domestic consumption. 2 production cycle of sugar second part production cycle has also become an important reason for supporting prices. The price of sugar in recent years has always maintained stable periodicity, mainly because of the change of yield. Three years of production, the price of sugar fell; three years of production, sugar prices rose. 1516 production of about 8 million 700 thousand tons, in 1617 is expected to yield about 960-980 tons. 0809 to 1011 is the production cycle, from 1112 to 1314 is the production cycle, then the production cycle of 1415 to 1617. After analysis, the next bull bear conversion point may be in October next year or so, that is, the third quarter of fourth. In Brazil is the world’s first sugar production country, China is the main source of imports of raw sugar in 2017 is expected to yield 35 million, -4000 million tons. China’s imports from Brazil this year a total of 3 million 700 thousand tons of raw sugar. The new crop is expected to yield in South Central Brazil will rise, because the acreage, planting conditions, theory相关的主题文章: