Plastic surgery, you must know the anesthesia knowledge!

Plastic surgery, you must know the anesthesia common sense public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: famous plastic surgeon Ma Meisheng micro-blog) when it comes to plastic surgery, many people first reaction is not very painful. To tell the truth, really hurts when did not imagine so painful. Most plastic surgery is just a little bit worse than a mosquito bite! Pictures from the network to the medical profession of pain is to judge the grade 0: 1~3: 3~5: painless mild pain, moderate pain, severe pain is 5-7 7-9: 10: the most severe pain pain pain in the shaping of about 3 data if you are still very upset and asked those friends who have had plastic surgery in the end not to ache? They calm tell you no feeling, this time do not believe, do not forget the role of anesthesia in the operation! Can not be compared to the one that was thrown over the pain, so you can rest assured that plastic surgery! Don’t don’t believe ~ ~ ~ a lot of times we are afraid of a thing, just don’t know it, it’s not. We did not imagine that simple anesthesia, ostensibly for something, let the patient sleep, painless surgery; patient safety in operation, can let the patient fall asleep fast, painless, and can quickly clear, is the most important work of the anesthesiologist. The guardian of life, is a true portrayal of anesthesiologists. Only minor surgery, no small anesthesia! What kind of plastic surgery requires anesthesia? Usually used for orthopedic anesthesia anesthesia and general anesthesia; some minimally invasive cosmetic way generally choose local anesthesia in surface anesthesia or without anesthesia, because these are almost pain free cosmetic way not! General anesthesia for long time surgery anesthesia is the anesthetic effects on central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which was inhibited, showing a loss of consciousness, a sense of pain is not systemic anesthesia methods, can be divided into sevoflurane and intravenous anesthetics. Advantages: the recipient completely lost consciousness and sense of pain in the "sleep" unknowingly completed the operation, high comfort. Disadvantages: the use of complex drugs, the higher requirements for monitoring. Local anesthesia: map is applied to the local anesthetic injection of peripheral nerve anesthesia, produced only a part of the body, so that the parts do not feel pain. It is one of the most commonly used methods of aesthetic plastic surgery, including surface anesthesia, local infiltration anesthesia, regional anesthesia, nerve block anesthesia, local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia, etc.. Advantages: compared with general anesthesia, it is easy to operate, safe, less complications, faster postoperative recovery, surgical patients can communicate directly. Disadvantages: the strict requirements of the subject’s own situation, the anesthesiologist experience more demanding. These plastic surgery should be how to use anesthesia? Double eyelid surgery: local anesthesia rhinoplasty: local anesthesia or general anesthesia, general anesthesia grinding grinding zygomatic mandibular angle: general anesthesia liposuction: choose general anesthesia or local anesthesia, nerve block anesthesia implants:.相关的主题文章: