Peking University butcher resigned from the civil service is to make a living now want to seek caree magicq

The "butcher" resigned from the civil service: formerly living now want to work for the cause – "Beijing North wets" Lu Buxuan (in Chengdu) to sell pork in November 27th 9 in the morning, Chengdu Xidan shopping malls also have deserted, but the mall supermarket has early "warm-up": Meat supermarket showcase, a pile of books and pork put together, the staff took the horn repeatedly shouted: North wets Chengdu to sell pork. The speaker says "North wets" Lu Buxuan stood at the counter, Waist Apron, face calm, not only for some pictures to buy meat customers, he also explained the knowledge of pork. Lu Buxuan while selling pork, while sending his autobiography to write the "butcher", said his colleagues, "he prefers to do something related to the text." Talk about the sale of pork Peking University, is not a new topic, for a lapse of 12 years to return to the pork industry, he bluntly." Graduated from Peking University to sell pork do not want too sure of living together, Lu Buxuan is the first generation of "Red Net", 1985 was admitted to Beijing University Chinese, home to the county enterprises, enterprise bankruptcy, and in 2000 set up a stall selling pork, also deliberately hid more than and 20 kilometres from the town of Changan, or the results of the villagers were found, been reported a lot, he even as a child that parents want to get the county university "". Repeated reports of the media, but also to return to the system in 2004, Lu Buxuan again, he described it as an amnesty". In September this year, he once again jumped out, resigned from the civil service. "One eye to see the next 10 years of life, life is too sure." Lu Buxuan chose to come to the brothers of the company, he said, and then compared to the county leased pork stalls, this platform has not "glasses and butcher". The three sentence from pork to become industry experts talk about "Lu Buxuan graduated from Beijing University, with a pen, but when it comes to pork, he smoked a cigarette off the reel, and then lit another one, more analysis of the pork quality. "More than 10 years, I have seen no less than fifty thousand pigs." "When I close my eyes, I can split all the parts," he said, referring to the familiarity of pigs." In the company, he is the butcher school principals, before and after the training of more than 5000 butchers, the chain stores in the country to train talent. He also has written "butcher school textbooks, he admitted that he was still in perfect teaching, and strive to become experts in the field of pork. Talk about College Students Entrepreneurship: do not rush to talk about the current popular business problems, he warned about graduating college students, it is best to go to various industries for a period of time, then do the plan. He said that the ordinary college students have no marketing experience, do not know all the rules of the industry, so also need to move slow. Dialogue out of the life of the system is quite satisfactory, Chengdu Business Daily reporter: why do you still choose to go back to selling pork industry? Lu Buxuan: the beginning work in the county, more than and 300 enterprises, more than and 10 officers, morning afternoon.相关的主题文章: