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Participants: A shares before the stock is three chicken ribs garbage time buy signal – to see how a financial Sohu, before the market? Is still the main tone sideways note three is a buy signal, 1 conditions before the game is still uncomfortable and sideways shocks us before the market is not what to show, tangled, sideways shock, and shrinkage, uncomfortable, depressed market will once again appear, before the market is still sideways as the main tone, opening to go sideways low, flat open, walk sideways sideways walk, don’t have much hope on the rise, but also to overly pessimistic on the decline. 2, under the gap is the selling point, there are two signals for reference said on the market, our view is to fill the gap at the top (3078 – 3054) is still selling, covering the bottom of the gap (3032) is something that broke 3000 points and look for buying opportunities. There is a signal is the amount of energy stock index reduced to 1200 – 130 billion, the three signal can be used as a reference, this week the market or will once again test the support of 3000 points. Have to say that the face of a long holiday and fiery real estate market, as well as the pressure of the stock market, A shares do not have much hope before the holiday, if it is not good before the holiday rose. To do this week for the flat and uninteresting. How to see the two, after the holiday market? The holiday market should rise if it does not rise after the 1 Festival, caution should rise, gap and high challenge from the current market trend, the market should be to fill the gap at the top in the season (3078 – 3054), and even challenge the 3140 to a high chance, this is from the K line, MACD, morphology can the comprehensive conclusion. 2, if the festival is not up, it should be cautious that said, since all the conditions are conducive to the festival rise, if before did not rise, after also not up how to do that? Our view is to the market after two days, because the festival days will be the best time to rebound, if the festival does not rise again that we need to be careful. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!相关的主题文章: