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Our live version suspected with red cherry story adaptation? Our live version third bomb cast open in last week’s "weekly Shonen Jump" intelligence in our confirmation will have a live version of amazing and great degree: parallel, probably this Thursday according to the latest information figure we can know what is important: the soul of the. Before our major published on Jump, today morning our live version discloses third bomb cast, led by Shinsuke takasugi ghost team members of the cast in the open, see Okada Nitake this character appeared in a live version of the cast, is a live version of the original article is red cherry based? Takasugi Shinsuke: Kinki Kids Okada Nitake: new wells Ho City change: Misaki Sato Jiro is too flat and the third bomb cast Takasugi Shinsuke in this important story to promote our role will be played by Kinki Kids, the soul of a live version of Kinki Kids will be 12 years again after the movie works, this is our movie director Fukuda Yuichi personally arranged for Kinki Kids. But Kinki Kids said his message in such a popular role as Takasugi Shin Alexander, in fact, I want to play Elizabeth. Another important role will be played by Nii Hiromitsu Okada Nitake, Okada Nitake is a member of the team led by Takasugi’s ghost but later in the article by the red cherry red cherry Yaodao swallowed by self gone. Nii Hiromitsu said in the message of this work will bring different sword fighting, so perhaps the live version will be made directly is the red cherry story movie based on the adaptation? Kushima Yuuko: Omura Tatetsuya: Yasuda Cai: Zaojianmingli Murata iron also ghost team two two members every day, she is not Lolita control Takeshi Hiratausa To Jiro plays is a feminist, violent female admirer of Takasugi Shinsuke to the island and son played by food dishes. In addition to the red cherry story in two supporting Murata Tetsuya and Murata Tetsuko and many scenes are by Yasuda show and play Zaojianmingli. The third bomb squad after the announcement, the soul of the cast, Shun Oguri Kanda Masa, more luxurious bridge of the ring Masami Nagasawa, Monet, Okada Masaki, Liura Yuya, Yoshizawa Ryo, Yi room, Nakamura Nakuro, Kinki Kids, Nii Hiromitsu, To Jiro, Yasuda, Xu Zuo Cai, Zaojianmingli. Also today in the AbemaTV platform includes red cherry story, our TV animation 6 long will be 12 hours of continuous playback especially. [source: acgdoge]相关的主题文章: