Online crazy pass fantasy scene actually in our Sichuan (Figure) yuanjiao

Online crazy pass fantasy scene actually in our Sichuan (Figure) this is the circle of friends crazy pass the picture, is not very false! Recently, a picture of the mad in the circle of friends, pictures as a stand in the valleys of the tree leaves, the leaves of red powder, bright blue, the picture with the text is: the most colourful tree leaves in Heishui county. Pictures in the network after exposure, users have issued a question: picture P over it! Master, do you still have some common sense, I might be pink leaves? A look is synthetic, false! There are friends said: This is the custom of plastic trees in Yiwu! In order to prove the authenticity of this "abnormal" picture, a tourism linked to the relevant departments of Heishui County, was carried out to determine the authenticity of the photo. After confirmation, the staff told us that the photo shoot is really in the Blackwater, the specific location is in the milk ditch dam village, the red leaves of the tree itself is very red in the sun is red, just out of the photos circulated on the Internet does color difference is too big, a little too late. Subsequently, the staff specifically to us without PS, compared to the actual picture. See the picture of the moment, or amazing, really have so beautiful. The following pictures without any treatment leaves really so red..! This scene really exists in Western Sichuan blackwater. The sun leaves, so gorgeous. Another angle to see this fantastic red tree leaves, autumn is thick. Is not to be shocked, such a fantastic scenery is really, and around us. It is understood that this phenomenon is located in Sichuan ABA (micro-blog) milk ditch Heishui County, milk is ornamental color forest ditch the perfect place for a time, but now officially the most beautiful breasts Gou Cai Lin, interested friends can make a plan. In the ditch beside the iceberg is milk Dagu ornamental good place leaves, here to watch the color forest can also see the glacier, the world’s highest take the cableway cableway, and Tibetan macaque, alpine lakes, Tibetan village, is the first choice for the tour of the red color of the forest. Travel routes: Chengdu – Wenchuan (micro-blog) – Maoxian – Blackwater – Dagu – ditch tickets: no milk iceberg相关的主题文章: